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Digital Strategy Communications Lead

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We're looking for a Digital Strategy Communications Lead who will play a central role in managing strategic communications related to the Digital Strategy project. She/he will be responsible for looking at Digital Strategy as a whole, all its stakeholders and strategically assessing and managing the content and communications needs of the program vs. just specific elements around activation.

The Digital Strategy Communications Lead will focus primarily on the “Win the Booking” communications, working closely with the mDigital Team and the Global Operations Change and Communications team to coordinate communications and messaging for all key stakeholders.

Additional Expectations and Responsibilities include:

• Gain a thorough understanding of the “Win the Stay” initiatives and key messages & communications related to that part of the Digital Strategy

• Pursue new and/or enhanced opportunities to talk about Digital Strategy

o Build and utilize a standard Digital Strategy website on MGS to communicate fact sheets, standard program updates, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and post links to related information

o Create two standard communications vehicles—a Digital Strategy Postcard and a Digital Strategy Update—to regularly “push” information to all impacted stakeholder groups

o Use formal memos and quarterly videos from Digital Strategy leaders for formal announcements, to establish guidelines, provide updates on progress on the activation activities & what is coming up

• Enable cross-discipline exchange of speakers

• Explore opportunities for BMSC Senior leaders to get comfortable talking about Digital Strategy

o Validate understanding of how Digital Strategy enables and supports their particular area

o Provide standard content (talking points, decks etc.)

• Keep sponsors and stakeholders well informed and equip them with tools and messages to deliver effective communications to their groups

• Leverage existing communications channels, as well as other change networks throughout the organization

• Develop and manage standard communications content (memos, talking points, decks etc.), delivery and feedback channels etc.

• Ensure communications flow in a strategic and impactful manner and all project members are speaking with “One Voice”

• In collaboration with the communications task force, identify and implement formal review and approval processes for all key communications for Digital Strategy

Key Priorities:

• Coordinate Communications Strategy and Approach with the mDigital organization as it impacts the broader Digital Strategy for client

o Identify and help develop consistent and central branding and messaging , especially for “Win the Booking”, that is effectively translated for and aligned with the work other groups are doing in the Digital space

• Establish and coordinate the Digital Communications Task Force (including strategic partners identified above)

o Build regular touchpoints with Owner & Franchisee Services (OFS) to discuss communication needs for the larger franchise community

• Validate key Stakeholder Communications Needs Analysis

• Develop and maintain a central, Strategic Communications Plan

• Develop and maintain Repository of key Digital Strategy Communications and Marketing Deliverables and Assets through SharePoint Teamsite or other similar collaboration tool

• Facilitate increased Collaboration between Global Operations (GO) Mobility and Digital Strategy Services teams and leadership to enhance communications with and promote clarity of roles & responsibilities among the field eCommerce associates and continent directors of mobile guest services

o Explore opportunities to increase transparency between the two groups and share relevant data such as various field/hotel level scorecards

• Validate and implement Digital Strategy Communications Governance process based on recommendations from the Digital Communications Approach/Framework

Education and Experience:

• Associate’s Degree; 8 years’ experience in communications supporting key business priorities, sales and marketing, management operations, or related professional area.


• Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in communications or business; 6 years’ experience in communications supporting key business priorities, sales and marketing, revenue management, management operations, or related professional area.

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