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Digital Project Manager/Producer

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A great producer has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.” 
- Deep Nishar 

As a Digital Producer at the Agency, uour main goal is to help make things happen. Help rally & encourage a team to invent a great idea. Take said great idea and help the team make it into something tangible & demonstrable to help convey its merits. The bigger, more complex the idea or challenge, the better. 

You’re involved from the very beginning: from helping to think through all stages of the project, helping assemble the right internal team, determining all possible form factors & deliverables, helping to sell the idea to the client, to helping work out appropriate vendors and budgets, timelines and scope. All along the way you know more about the project than anyone else in the room. 

You are a strong communicator and never stop keeping the team apprised, informed and in the loop, as well as clients. You work directly with all parties to manage project details and find creative solutions to any and all challenges encountered. 

You’re self-driven, the facilitator, the oil in the engine, the master enabler who helps make sure the right people and tools are coming together at the right time. 

You know digital technology – web, app and newer fun things like VR, AR and voice. You’re a problem solver, you don’t get discouraged by hearing “no”, and you’re a realist who knows it’s better to address problems and pivot sooner rather than avoiding hard conversations and dealing with issues later. 

You know what you know, and more importantly what you don’t know, pulling in other experts when necessary but keeping things fast, loose yet efficient. 

You believe in working smart, leaning on agile methodology and design thinking principles whenever possible/appropriate. 

Project Management: 

  • Translate ideas into executable interactive experiences, programs or initiatives with detailed project budgets & work plans: 
  • Gather requirements, define project objectives, deliverables, and delivery dates 
  • Plan resources 
  • Oversee day-to-day execution, including daily scrums, and project to-do lists 

Relationship Management: 
Internal: Holds relationships with all key project stakeholders, providing statuses, relaying updated decisions, and raising red flags when needed 


  • Client contact for discussion of project planning / issue resolution, in close partnership with your Account Manager 
  • Primary project contact for internal partners or external vendors, including ongoing day-to-day management, scope management, and problem-solving 

Innovative Thinking: 

  • Challenges assumptions and promotes out-of-the-box thinking for herself and all members of the team 
  • Stays informed on industry trends and technology, and provides guidance to internal and external teams 


These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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