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Digital Marketing Manager

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The client is a nonprofit organization with a community of over 7,000 professions united by one important mission - supporting the healthcare community in the development, management, and use of safe and effective medical technology. ISS Solutions, a long-term client member, often participates in client educational sessions where its clinical engineering team members continuously share interests, challenges, and solutions with others in the healthcare technology profession. 


Job Purpose 

The Marketing Manager is a front-line position responsible for meeting or exceeding product and benchmarking sales goals, coordinating and managing all e-mail marketing communications for client, creating product specific promotional collateral, managing the outside sales/advertising team, and helping to identify new products or product compilations through research, past sales trends, and needs analysis. This position also serves as the primary staff contact for client’s benchmarking program and manages its development, maintenance and promotion. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

Digital Marketing 
• Develop and implement email marketing campaigns using features such as marketing automation, personalization, social sharing, and landing pages. Ensure protocols such as testing and unsubscribes are managed. 
• Identify other digital platforms, such as eSubscription, benchmarking, and abandoned shopping carts in the store, to implement marketing automation. Develop and update messages for these platforms.Determine appropriate audiences for email campaigns. Working with the IT and membership teams, ensure integrity of data and compliance with U.S. and International email policies and practices. Monitor “from” email folder; develop process with database administrator to make any updates in iMIS records. 
• Update website pages, including standards, books, and education, for current information and to ensure that customers are able to purchase. Collaborate with stakeholders to offer guidance. 
• Conceptualize and implement impactful digital pay-per-click ad campaigns. Identify and manage agreements. 
• Identify appropriate social media channels for targeted campaigns and create content and regular posting to generate both inbound leads and engagement of customers. Generate creative and effective postings, using the features of each platform, such as video. 
• Conceptualize, develop, and coordinate production of videos to use across multiple channels (e.g., social media, emails, website) for maximum exposure. 

Digital Platforms (Benchmarking and eSubscription) 
• Manage the development, maintenance, and promotion of benchmarking product(s) 
• Develop and implement benchmarking strategy, that identifies ways to leverage other products and programs. Manage the Sterile Processing Task Force and the HTM Task Force. Working with the chairs, provide guidance on appropriate CLIENT policies, develop meeting agendas, schedule meetings, generate meeting notes, disseminate materials before and after meetings. 
• Set annual goals, develop a campaign that uses the appropriate channels, monitor results and adjust as necessary. Manage high level strategic planning with each Benchmarking product task force. 
• Manage the contract relationship with the vendor and coordinate any technical updates between vendor and appropriate client staff such as IT. 
• Maintain web pages for benchmarking and eSubscription. 
• Develop marketing materials, such as webinars, PowerPoint/SlideShare presentations, etc. 

Data and Analytics 
• Measure and report performance of all digital marketing efforts (email, pay-per-click, ads) as well as any promotions (promotion codes) and assess against sales and registration goals. 
• Develop and maintain a master list of Google Analytics terms. Place (or provide) tracking codes for all marketing campaigns on all channels (website, email, social, video, advertising, direct mail). Review and assess most effective channels for conversion of particular personas. 
• Maintain tracking system, including the preparation of a monthly sales and tactics report. 
• Meet with stakeholders to review analytics and conversion effectiveness, identify and implement changes in tactical creation and implementation. 
• Create and maintain a seed list for both email and direct mail. 
• Identify database list selection and outside list purchasing for mailings; create, track and update master promotional schedule and routinely update the schedule with campaign status and results to date. Develop personas for various products. 

Marketing Management and Content Development 
Copy Creation and Review 
• Work with subject matter experts to gather pivotal information to develop clear and relevant messaging for marketing pieces. 
• Write creative, persuasive and original copy in a high-volume environment. Ensure consistency in messaging across platforms. Maintain and update the standard copy library. 
• Follow established procedures for the consistent review and approval of all materials for marketing effectiveness and accuracy before release. 
• Serve as reviewer of all store/e-commerce items. 
• Work with the graphic designer and director of marketing to develop effective creative that reinforces the messaging while enforcing and strengthening the client brand. 

Other Marketing Channels 
• In consult with the Director of Marketing, identify publications and industry organizations to reach new customers through ads, social media, event attendance, sponsorship, presentations, etc. 
• Manage the creation of ads (print and digital) for both client and external publications and websites.. Work with the Graphic Designer, to develop a library of house ads. 
• Identify and develop print marketing materials such as direct mailers, flyers, and signage. 
• In collaboration with the Membership and Marketing Directors, identify tradeshows and events that will increase awareness and sales opportunities for standard sales and education registrations. Complete appropriate paperwork, identify booth needs, including the creation of materials and obtaining product inventory and organizing all functions related to the sales of products (tax certificate, sales process, pricing, etc.). 

Plans, Budgets and Workflow 
• Add and update all projects in the project management system. Use the system as the primary workflow, collaboration and communication for the marketing team and stakeholders. 
• Responsible for meeting or exceeding annual ad sales and product volume and revenue targets. 
• Monitor expenses of projects to ensure they are within budget. Communicate with stakeholders on potential changes to the costs in order so they can make appropriate decisions. 
• Assist in the development of marketing plans for products and educational programs. 
• Coordinate and implement all marketing campaigns Identify opportunities to leverage products and programs across the organization that creates special offers, discounts and incentives that create bundles/package, uses promotional codes, and contests. 

Relationship Building 
• Identify, develop, and implement mutually-beneficial collaborations with other associations to promote client products. 
• Attend trade shows, conferences, and other events as exhibitor or partner. 
• Keep client customer service representatives up-to-date on promotional campaigns and product information, such as providing promotional codes. 
• Oversee day-to-day product marketing efforts such as responding to inquiries from prospective buyers, assigning source coding for sales efforts, tracking and responding to prospects. 


• Undergraduate degree in communications, marketing or related (e.g., advertising, PR, communications, etc.) required. 
• Minimum of five years of association or related experience in product sales and marketing. 
• Product sales and marketing experience highly desired. 
• Excellent written and oral communication skills, superior interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, and project and time management skills. 
• Deep understanding and love for all things related to SEO, SEM and social media 
• Knowledge of web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) and a knack for turning numbers into valuable insights 
• Superior skills using email service provider, preferably with Informz, designing and sending emails. 
• Fluency in lead generation and pay-per-click campaigns 
• Hands-on experience with web analytics tools and reports 
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Familiarity with Photoshop 
• Experience working with s databases, including data mining. experience preferred. 
• Experience marketing medical/technical technical standards, books as well as education offerings (conference, courses, webinars, certifications)topics highly desired. 
• Understanding of pricing and delivery of products in various formats. 
• Ability to juggle multiple projects and prioritize. Work as part of a team in generating creative solutions, staying current on marketing and industry trends, and adapting to current needs. 

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