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Digital Marketing Manager

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The Inbound Digital Marketing Manager, Professional Development (PD) develops, executes and measures the results of multi-channel digital strategies that may also consist of non-digital components. The individual collaborates with team members to build creative and informative communities around PD’s core offerings and
strengths that promote social conversations about Apollo Education Group (AEG) and Western International University (West). The Inbound Digital Marketing Manager, PD works with the product and services team to ensure digital programs support overall business goals and align with overall messaging.


1. Develop, execute and measure results of multi-channel digital marketing strategies that may also include nondigital components, ensuring all digital components are optimized for mobile search and consumption, and latest techniques, like re-marketing and re-targeting are employed to maximize our investment in SEM. Apollo Education Group is committed to leading the way in meeting the evolving needs of millions of nontraditional learners and producing the graduates necessary to achieve the world’s collective educational goals

2. In collaboration with members of the PD team, design and build creative and informative communities around core offerings and strengths to promote social conversations about AEG and West; ensure effective and information social media presence via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant channels; lead development of effective email nurturing campaigns to drive conversions.

3. Develop digital “personas” to effectively segment the digital messaging and campaigns; leverage insights to develop meaningful messaging to engage target audiences; leverage best practices across brands to increase efficiency and return of digital programs.

4. Develop, launch and manage digital campaigns that use AdWord and other Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to drive prospects to our website and other campaign assets;use advanced techniques such as re-targeting/remarketing to ensure the proper audiences are aware of our offerings and motivated to engage; “Tune and Tweak” campaigns daily to ensure the results are inline with expectations.

5. Establish in-depth KPIs, including conversion rate optimization (CRO), as well as tracking mechanisms and analytics models and use results to inform business decisions; conduct daily media performance analysis, provide executive summary and optimize investments as needed.

6. Collaborate with product and services team to ensure digital programs support business goals and align with overall messaging; partner with outside vendors and content delivery networks to maximize our reach to the target markets and minimize Cost per New Revenue Spend.

7. Build and manage a cost-efficient budget for digital marketing expenses; reallocate daily, or as necessary, to deliver greatest return on investment.

8. Perform other duties as assigned or apparent.



• Bachelor Degree

• Three (3) years of experience developing, executing and measuring digital media plans and strong experience with multiple digital social channels

• Demonstrable competence in use of industry tools like Google Analytics 360, Google Customer Match, Moz, Marketo, KISSmetrics, Outbrain and Amplify


• Demonstrated ability to quickly and efficiently work with subject matter experts to develop fresh digital assets and content that lead to high engagement

• Proven collaboration with web developers to optimize web properties

• Ability to manage campaign analytics and form recommendations based on the information

• Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, along with high level of analytical skills and good intuitive judgment

• Effective communication skills with cross functional partners to collaborate and develop holistic solutions; strong oral and written presentation skills

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