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Digital Design/UX/Build

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A new crowdfunding platform for UK commercial real estate are looking for someone to assist in the design and development of their website.
The company connect property developers looking for cash to build or expand, with regular retail investors looking for stable investments that pay more than a bank account.
They are looking for someone to help them to create a website which invokes:
* Trust & credibility of a bank.
* Financial transparency, from us and from developers. The site shines a light on the opaque world of commercial real estate.
* Ease of use and minimum friction with best current design practice. The competition below do this very well.


This is the first UK commercial real estate crowdfunding platform. Sites operating in this space are in the US:

Skills needed of the designer:

- HTML5 -- familiarity of all need tags, layout options etc without resorting to everywhere
- Responsive design... must look good on all platforms/resolutions (desktop, tablet, mobile) without ugly/hacky JS browser sniffing
- Advanced CSS3 - canvas manipulation, bandwidth reducing strategies, etc
- Parallax scrolling
- Strong JS experience -- our entire front/back-end is written in JS, so dynamic controls will need to work fluidly


- Flat web design
- Strong iconography/illustrated graphics
- Exceptional use of typography

If you are potentially interested in the project I can provide you with the full spec that the client has provided - as well as the existing wireframes.
The client are looking for some guidance in terms of timings for this project, so the next step would be to set up a telephone/face-to-face conversation with the client to discuss what they are looking for.

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