Digital Copywriter

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As a Digital Copywriter your mission is to capture the magic of our client’s digital entertainment experience in words. Whether you’re writing headlines, whole web pages, how-to’s, or what’s new in our latest mobile app release, you understand that every word presents an opportunity to grab the user and never let go. Your job is not simply about “marketing” or “informing”; it’s about building a long-lasting relationship with the millions of people who love entertainment.

You’ll partner with art directors and designers to deliver the perfect integration of art and copy. You’ll work with content strategists to determine what needs to get communicated. You’ll also be involved in user experience flows where seamless interaction requires a nudge from copy.

If you’re obsessed with le mot juste. If you dream in taglines. If you’re attuned to the branding around you and can tell at a glance when it sings and when it falls flat. If you have a killer portfolio that demonstrates all of this, let’s talk.

• Craft copy for every area of client’s digital space, including desktop and mobile web, mobile apps, and set-top box
• Partner with designers to integrate visual-verbal messages
• Work closely with content strategists to understand marketing needs
• Support UI/UX team in areas of interaction design that require marketing or instructional communication
• Assume leadership role when working with other writers