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Digital Advertising Project Manager

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Job Introduction:

The contractor will be a key member of the Global Advertising team, helping to deliver important programs around the world, including annual image campaigns, recruitment advertising and a range of other projects.

This specific role will have a strong, but not exclusive, focus on digital advertising.

The successful candidate needs the professional skills and maturity to work independently on a day-to day basis – but will report into a Senior Manager.

Key Responsibilities:
• Help plan digital advertising media for all major geographies outside of the U.S., working in conjunction with their global media agency.
• Help plan and manage the digital advertising creative rotations for major geographies outside of the U.S.
• Oversee the translation and production of digital advertising materials, working with the global advertising production agency.
• Play a key role in analysing campaign response data for the major geographies, and work in conjunction with the metrics team and media agency to recommend creative rotation and media plan optimisations.
• Take a lead role in managing selected ad-hoc digital advertising projects that are requested by colleagues in the geographies or other parts of the Marketing and Communications practice.
• Be a primary point of contact for the global production agency, ensuring that all digital work you produce is of the highest standards in terms of design, functionality and production quality.


Reports to: Senior Manager, Global Advertising
Managing Director, Global Advertising

External Relationships: Tag Worldwide, TBWA, MEC and Kinetic.

Internal Relationships: Global Advertising team, Geographic advertising leads and other Marketing & Communications professionals requesting advertising support on an ad-hoc basis.

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