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Developer Audience Marketing Coordinator

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Audience Marketing Managers (AMMs) drive the local engagement strategy, plan and execution framework for how the client builds sustainable and meaningful relationships with our technical audiences, in this case Developers. It’s critical to the client’s success to win over the Developer Audience to our latest platforms, including mobile and operating system. In order to win them, we need to reach them, excite them, and engage with them in an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship…and we need to do this at scale.
There are several key developer audiences we target for engagement. These are independent developers, StartUps, and students from the STEM faculties (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The role of the Audience Marketing Coordinator (AMC) role is to support the strategy and execution to activate these audiences.

Startup Audience: Our goal is to drive favourability and platform adoption with Startups across Canada. The AMM and AMCs role is to help reach Startups in the communities they engage (online, startup hubs, industry forums) and drive registration into the program. Once a member of the program, the role of the AMC is to implement strategies that will drive platform usage). The goal is to help set Canadian Startups up for success by providing the tools, resources and value proposition to enable them to achieve their goals. The AMM and AMC works closely with our Technical Evangelist (TE) team to implement programs to activate Startups in major hubs across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto.

Key Activities:
• marketing, engagement, community outreach
• demand generation campaign
• Integration with Canada National Plan
• Delivering case studies
• Analytics on Start-Up

Student Audience: The Student audience is an important developer segment as these are the future startups, app developers, and professional developers. We have offerings specifically tailored for students to help with their needs and to help drive platform preference for The client. The AMM and AMC helps support student engagement through a global competition for students, through the program and via depth motions with STEM post-secondary institutions directly. The AMM and AMC will need to scale efforts broadly online and offline to ensure outcomes and end actions.
Key Activities:
• Global student competition program coordination and marketing
• The client Student Partner Program
• Student focused Depth & Breadth programs

Independent Developers: The Developer AMM Lead has marketing strategies in market to reach a broad base of independent developers across Canada. The AMC role will support the AMM in different capacities as required over the course of the contract, including major campaigns, demand generation and strategic projects as defined by plans.

Key Activities
• Supporting major campaigns (ie: Developer Movement)
• Supporting major initiatives (ie: Porting, Gaming, Web, Cloud scenarios)

Skills required:
• Strong relationship-building and collaborative skills
• Understanding of digital marketing, social media
• Strong business orchestration
• Knowledge of start-up space
• Knowledge of student space
• Experience working with technical audiences
• Results oriented
• Analytical skills

Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent
• 1-3 years of experience in marketing and/or product management
• Experience in the entrepreneurial and startup space in Canada is an asset
• The candidate will have a working knowledge of the the client organization, and proven ability both to lead and work collaboratively within virtual teams.
• The right candidate will have a blend of marketing, reporting, and analytics, combined with tenacity for execution and delivery.
• Applicant must demonstrate excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Candidate should have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

People who are successful in this role and in this team have a passion for the customer and for technology! They are consummate cross-company collaborators, and they are driven by the challenges of change. They balance the excitement of continuous innovation with the need to deliver consistent, predictable, reliable, and repeatable experiences for our customers. They are builders, motivators, and team players extraordinaire!

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