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Designer II - Photography- Social Media

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We are hiring a Designer II with strong photography skills to play a critical role in making our client's brand one of the most engaging, thoughtful and innovative digital brands in the world. By leading the look and feel of the brand in the digital space, this person creates best-in-class content for the digital and social media practice. 

The person in this position understands what it takes to extend a brand digitally in a way that is additive, not redundant to the offline experience. This role contributes to success by maintaining the look feel of the brand across social media channels—in accordance with guiding principles. 

Summary of Key Responsibilities 
Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following: 

• Conducts project research from a creative and brand perspective. 
• Stays up-to-date on apps, networks, and trends relevant to customers 
• Actively seeks out and applies appropriate social media trends. Ability to effectively connect these trends to brand characteristics. 
• Develops mood-, style-, and/or inspiration-boards grounded in visual attributes to present and ‘sell’ concept ideas to internal stakeholders 
• Collaborates with social media content writers, designers, and community managers to generate channel appropriate creative executions that are effective in communicating brand differentiators, visual attributes, and brand characteristics 
• Partners with sr creatives, and social media strategists in appropriate phases of creative content development 
• Executes thoughtful, relevant, channel appropriate visual solutions within an allotted time frame and budget for various digital media—(primarily social) 
• Is mindful of project schedules, timelines and budgets. Assists in preparation for weekly team concept- and final execution presentations. 

• 5+ years of agency or in-house experience working for a major brand as a photographer, designer, or art director. (Social media content creation preferred) 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 
• Ability to use everyday tools (DSLR camera, smartphone and apps) to make extraordinary and share-worthy creative content and expressions 
• Ability to use MAC computer and creative software 
• Ability to work in a team environment and collaborate with others 
• Ability to balance multiple priorities and meet deadlines 
• Understanding of social media channels and relevant trends 
• Can use business objectives & strategy to inspire creative concepts and executions 
• Attention to detail and photo styling that shows up effortlessly in the work 

Summary of Experience 
• Versatility is helpful, but photography is the core skill 
• Strong visual skills 
• Experience with consumer brands 
• Understanding of the nuance and norms of digital communication platforms and capabilities 
• Ability to execute against brand guidelines 
• Ability to bring brand to life in a consistent, ongoing manner across platforms 
• Team player 

What does a typical work day entail? What are the daily tasks/responsibilities/deliverables? 
Concepting / collaborating with team members. Presenting concepts to strategic partners, managers, and ACD. Working with producer and other team members to plan photoshoots (sourcing props / identifying locations). Photoshoots: Directing talent, prop styling, photo editing. Reacting to feedback and making appropriate adjustments. 

What are the must/nice to have skills you are looking for in this CW? 
Must have: Social media photography. Prop styling. Eye for detail. Team player. 
Nice to have: Illustration, animation, copywriting abilities. 

1. How important is the copywriting, illustration, animation experience? 
• Not important. The key skill is PHOTOGROPHY, and photo styling. 
• Ideation (or at least ability to work with others who have ideas) is important 
• Illustration / animation is a nice to have … but not essential 
• Copywriting is not important 

2. Any other systems they would need to be familiar with outside of the Adobe Creative Suite and the Microsoft Office Suite? (Lightroom, Photoshop, the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite) 
• No… but I think some familiarity with photography apps that are relevant in social media (VSCO, Boomerang, etc) would be quite helpful. 

3. What kind of photography experience is required? Do they need to be a photographer themselves, worked in a photo studio or simply be familiar with the concepts of photography (characteristics of each lens/ body, rule of thirds, natural vs artificial lighting techniques, etc.)? 
• They do not need to be ‘classically trained’ but they will need a body of work that showcases their abilities to put photography principles into practice. Weather that be an portfolio, blog, or a really great Instagram account … doesn’t matter 

4. For the social media experience, should this involve strategy or would publishing experience suffice? 
• The social media experience has more to do with content creation — many community managers do a lot of content creation… and sometimes make great creative production candidates. 

5. What would a “best” candidate look like compared to an “average” candidate? Would this distinction lie predominantly in the portfolio? 
• Best candidate has a lot of great social media photography work / and an Instagram account that shows they understand what pops (and is trending) in social 

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