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Vitamin T's client is working with a unique client who needs style frames (basically designed in Photoshop)/ 'look tests' created in a certain dark/horror style for a dream sequence.

Think: American Horror Story, The Ring, Gaundry, Escher, etc.

Talent will help conceptualize what this DREAM SEQUENCE will look like by using DESIGN skills and POTENTIALLY MOTION GRAPHIC skills.
Client is really looking for talent who has a DARK nature to his design, who is IMAGINATIVE and DIFFERENT from the typical clean/bright/flashy designer.

*Adobe CS 6
*After Effects
*Photo Shop

*Culver City - ON SITE
*client has both PC and Mac set-ups
*great office environment
*talent will be really intragal in this project
*starts Friday 8/23 - full time for about 2 weeks.
*Pay: $33/hr


Dream Sequence for popular television show / Michel Gondry meets Escher look.
References: ‘The ring’ short film and ‘A Zed & two noughts’
These images will be like pieces of a puzzle.
Images from the latest outline:

1. Fish flopping

2. Water dripping

Play with saturation / monochromatic key in different colors.
The ‘baby’ character is broadcasting the dream to the two other characters.
Look needs to be disturbing. Serene start and it becomes evil.
Images will be introduced in fragments and then we see longer segments.
Some ideas of images:

1. Rusted metal things

2. Water dripping

3. Decayed building

4. Someone’s eye

5. Weird house

6. Weird parts of body in macro (elbow, arm, etc)

7. Flower dying

8. Decaying horse

9. Rusting wheelchair

10. Creepy psychiatric hospital

11. Long corridor

Work on concept based on these notes. Maybe 2-3 images to show the client.

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