Data Entry Operator

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We are looking for a Data Entry professional to work in a dynamic pharmaceutical company in Central NJ! Please forward your resume for immediate review.

Required Knowledge:
 General knowledge, high school level; detailed but narrow work-related knowledge.
 Limited acquaintance with business, accounting, or commercial procedures.
 Limited acquaintance with University organizational policies and procedures.
Required Skills:
 Extracts and compiles a narrow range of data from written sources, from individuals by asking set questions, or from one or several given data bases; coding based on prescribed, simple standards.
 Files already labeled material using a straightforward alphabetical, numerical or chronological system.
 Understands non-routine notes, written instructions, general policy statements.
 Writes short informal notes, fills out simple forms.
 Regular, skilled use of more complex machines including word processors and personal computers.
 Keyboard forms, labels, and other simple material.
 Enters and retrieves data from semi-finished source documents on a personal computer, requiring both some interpretation of the source document and a basic understanding of software parameters.
 Schedules appointments in allotted times.
 Screens and refers callers and visitors to the appropriate individual.
Experience, Education and Formal Training:
 One year of related work experience and a high school level education, or an equivalent combination of experience and education.