3D Artist

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We are looking for a solid 3D Artist to create visual assets in a multimedia title for any of the following areas: 3D modeling, texturing, mapping, and lighting/shading under the direction of a Lead Artist.

The ideal candidate will have good character animation and problem-solving skills, and an understanding of timing (especially for combat.) Experience working on fighting/combat animation type of games is ideal. Knowledge of rigging a plus but not needed.

The 3D Artist will work with a Lead Artist and a team of people working on character combat animations, and environmental animations. They will work with designers and devs so solve problems and enhance the in-game experiences.

• 3 plus years experience in creating 3D graphics required.
• Extensive knowledge of graphics software (i.e. Photoshop) and 3D modeling software required.
• Some basic knowledge of web design and web technologies (HTML, CSS) may be required. Conceptual sketching skills preferred. Ability to ensure photo-realism.
• Portfolio review required.
• Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Architecture or related field and/or certificate of completion in 3D preferred.
• Experience with shipped titles a plus.