3D Artist

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Work with Lead Environment Artist and occasionally designers to create final art for objects, architecture, and occasionally terrain elements. The artist's primary production pipeline will be: Zbrush the high-poly sculpt, then retopologize the in-game model using Zbrush, 3D Coat, or Maya, then hand-painting the texture in Photoshop. Artist will be responsible for optimizing assets to run at desirable frame-rate and fit within memory limitations. May assist with asset organization and management. Works with Lead Artist and other team members to achieve a cohesive style.

3 plus years experience in creating 3D assets in an Evironment Art capacity. Extensive knowledge of ZBrush, Maya and Photoshop required. Stylized and non-photorealistic modeling and texturing abilities required. Conceptual sketching skills preferred. Portfolio review required. Minimum of 1 shipped title with credit in the role of Environment Artist.