Cutting Edge Graphic Designer

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Don't you want to apply your seasoned graphic design chops to bigger, more exciting challenges? Starving for a job that goes beyond the surface? My client is looking for a self-starter designer who knows how to drive content. If you’re interested in taking on more of the design process, getting intimately involved in research and client relationships and consider yourself a true craftsperson, here’s what you’ll need to have:

- 6 to 8 years of real design experience.
- A passion for identity, packaging, and print.
- The ability to take brand from vision and personality to visual expression.
- A knack for crafting stories in compelling ways. Meaning, you need to be able to hold the vision of a story even if you collaborate with others to bring it to life.
- The sensibility to know good copy when you read it. Bonus if you can dabble in it yourself.
- A desire to experiment with the work, the process and even your peers. (Bring what you enjoy outside of work – like printmaking or photography or filmmaking – and stir what we make day to day.)
- A love of being a team player. (We know you’ll be fun to work with. We’re talking about knowing how to play nice with people who aren’t rooted in graphic design, and bringing colleagues and clients along respectfully.)
- A thick skin. (Demonstrate a comfort with sharing the rough stuff, as well as the ability to accept that your attention to some of the details may not always get fully appreciated within the context of solving big design challenges in the early phases)
- The maturity to speak out. Know when to forefront the design side and/or the business side.
- Consulting chops. We ask our designers to go beyond craft in many ways. You’ll need to be able to present with polish and express your creative voice in a business setting.

- Bachelor degree in Graphic Design or the equivalent. Skills – Comfort with the usual tools. Ability to translate design across print, motion, and web.