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Customer Experience Lead Consultant

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We are seeking a Customer Experience Consultant to join our healthcare client’s Direct-to-Consumer Marketing team. This key role will bring expertise in enhancing the overall Customer/Patient experience that ultimately drives business to their brand and specified associated provider groups in Arizona.

− Drive customer experience initiatives that build loyalty and support retention across multiple lines of business based on VOC insights.

− Responsible for customer segmentation and operational level tactics including personalization, material versioning and timely execution of strategies set by Direct-to-Consumer goals.

− Act as liaison with cross-functional teams including quality and operations to determine goals and opportunities that will enhance the overall customer/patient experience.

− Evaluate learnings from existing and prior campaigns and work to create effective improvements and strategies to maximize future results.

− Manage metrics for all customer experience and loyalty activities, measure results, and capture the learnings for continuous improvement.

− Aid in creation of baseline market assessment: competitor analysis, industry structure, target segment needs assessment, sizing and segmentation, demographics, distribution channel analysis, and regulatory scan.

− Leverage multiple sources of insights to execute test and learn and analytics into communication strategy

− Grow deeper level of understanding through customer journey mapping to gain competitive insights on potential opportunities to impact customer experience

− Set baseline targets and build recommendation for 2016/17 as aligned with customer growth and retention goals.

− Identify opportunities to execute highly personalized and customized materials and customer segment.

− Improve targets year-over-year for cost ratios, controls and profitability.

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