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Customer Advocate Marketing Manager

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The scoop on this job

Our customers are an incredibly passionate group of businesses and universities who love our product. Our net promoter score is the best in our industry at 54. And yet, we haven’t done enough to boost engagement and advocacy among our biggest fans.

That’s where you come in.

Your mission is to build our customer advocacy program from scratch with the goal of increasing client references, testimonials, referrals, and other evangelism. It’ll require creative thinking, top-notch relationship building skills, solid written and verbal communication, and the ability to think strategically about the goals and tactics of our advocacy program. Here are some of the key things you’ll be responsible for:

Build the advocate marketing strategy. I mentioned that you’ll be starting from the ground up. To do this, you’ll work with me, our system engineers, and our trainers to quickly ramp-up on our company strategy and our product. In partnership with our customer success team, you’ll learn about our clients and our advocacy efforts to date. You and I will work together to set challenging but achievable goals for our advocacy program. Then you’ll build and execute on the plan. Throughout the year, you’ll measure and report on the results of our efforts.
Launching and managing Influitive. We’ll be using Influitive as our advocate marketing platform. You’ll launch the program and engage with customers through Influitive on a daily basis. If you have experience with Influitive or similar tools, that’s a great start.

Managing our user conferences. This year, we’re going to run our first-ever user conference. You’ll own every aspect of this event—selecting a location, setting the date, building the budget, managing vendors, ensuring great attendance, figuring out SWAG, evangelizing the event on social media, and recording the event presentations as well as a few customer testimonials. It’s going to be a massive undertaking, so experience in running events like this is important.

Trade show management. One of the best places to meet up with existing advocates and find new ones is at industry trade shows. We’re going to a bunch this year. You’ll manage our presence at these events—ensuring that our booth looks great, our booth staffers are well-briefed, our SWAG is best-in-show, and our customers are deeply engaged in our show presence.

Top-tier customer references. There are a number of events, press opportunities, and analyst engagements we do every year that require our “Top Gun” customer references. You’ll identify these advocates, work with them throughout the year, and ensure their participation in these activities.

3 reasons you want this job

Real impact. You’ll be the first dedicated customer advocate marketer on our team. Every project you manage will have a clear, tangible impact on our growth and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for the opportunity to build a critical program from scratch and educate the rest of us on what great advocacy marketing looks like, let’s talk.

A great team.

Customers who genuinely love us. At previous companies, I’ve been an evangelist for products that aren’t so popular. It’s a drag. You’ll experience the opposite of that here.

3 things I need from you

The ability to GSD. I truly believe that advocate marketing is one of our biggest opportunities in the years ahead, and we need to start demonstrating its potential as quickly as possible. So I’ll need you to be an execution machine—someone who can get a lot of stuff done on their own, who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to crank out results quickly.

A passion for our customers. You’ll be interacting with our customers on a daily basis—online, on the phone, or in person. Your ability to build relationships and get our customers motivated will be absolutely critical to the success of this position.

A genuine interest in what we do. If you read that we recently raised some cash and want to apply for the job to get in at the ground level of a young startup, well frankly, we’re past that stage. We’re still a flexible, fast-moving, quickly growing company, but we offer the stability, competitive pay, and benefits of more established enterprises.

There’s one other thing I need from you—a fantastic attitude. I’m looking for someone who shares my passion for our technology; who is always optimistic in the face of tough business challenges; who’s comfortable with what they do and don’t know; and who knows how to detach from the day-to-day madness of the job and have fun with the team.

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