Creative Manager (maternity leave)

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Creative Manager (maternity leave)
--Creative Manager needed to fill in for Liana Huserik in Fred Meyer Jewelers
-- Must have solid design skills: CS5, good design eye, some design for web (but not coding), lots of print.
-- Needs to also be able to PROJECT MANAGE many deliverables.
-- Able to jump in and do some simple design when needed
--Able to handle projects with many moving parts
-- Able to work in a fairly chaotic environment with not a lot of formal process (they're working on that)
--Can't be a design prima dona or huge ego
--Needs to have an even-keeled personality.
--This is a fun group, everybody gets along, but they have to move fast/work hard/and compromise along the way. FLEXIBILITY is the key.
-- 6 month assignment
-- "Can do" attitude important
-- This person may be required to write simple briefs
--There will be a one-month "shadowing" period where the Candidate gets trained by Liana.
--There are 8-10 other designers in the group, open environment, all very close quarters