Creative Director

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As Creative Lead you will liaise closely with clients to translate their objectives into bespoke, functional and designs. You will set the agenda for projects and select the most appropriate research and design methods for each individual requirement. Your hands-on and disciplined approach will ensure that projects are executed to perfection in order to exceed client expectations and inspire your team to deliver the highest quality of work possible. Ultimately responsible for the content and the Look & Feel of the designs, you will liaise closely with clients in order to establish meaningful dialogues which will inform and guide the design process. You will work with business leaders to prepare engaging pitches for new business and be committed to promoting the business within professional networks.
Candidates will demonstrate 10 years' experience of creative design and design research projects for products and digital consumer experiences. You will hold a degree in Design and/or HCI and have experience in designing successful end-to-end customer experiences. Your up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies, products and platforms will expertly inform convincing and imaginative User Experiences. Your enthusiasm to design great products will inspire clients, colleagues and professional peers and your skill in articulating your passion and ideas to a wider public will ensure you are an effective ambassador for your team.