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Creative Content Specialist

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The Perfect Fit:
We’re looking for a intelligent, dynamic, thoughtful, creative
 individual who can jump in, roll up their sleeves and make an immediate
 contribution to our team. We’re not just looking for someone to take orders 
without thought; we want someone who can take initiative and intelligently add
value to projects. We need someone who can multi-task and embody resourcefulness
to make sure the work gets done.

* College degree (4 yr Bachelor of Arts or Science) in the humanities (ideally English, journalism, marketing or communications)

* 3-5 years of post-college experience in a similar field

*Experience writing/editing
*Experience researching/fact verification
*Experience with project management
*Worked or could easily work in a culture that is fast-paced
* Worked or could easily work in a culture where change is constant and rapid
* Previous experience working with InDesign, Adobe, Illustrator, etc. is a BIG plus, though, not required
* Previous experience with Content Development is also ideal.

What we’re looking for:

*Ability to manage projects and drive completion —gets things done
& keeps promises.

*Outstanding/strong skill sets in writing/editing/research. A basic
understanding of Keynote and InDesign/Quark is a plus.

*Extremely flexible

*High level of maturity

*Coachable/no ego

*Team player

*Ability to secure, manage & appropriate resources to get things done

*Outstanding communication skills / Ability to create strong
relationships with other departments, vendors, contractors, key people from other

*Ability to anticipate

*Ability to manage budget & office systems

*Strong ability to solve problems (creative problem solving)

*Spontaneity; we need someone that can think and act on the spot
* We are looking for adaptability; the person who will best fit this role
will be able to work well in an unstructured environment and be able to embrace change
* Strong knowledge of Macintosh is a plus
* San Diego residents only, please

Demands and expectations of the Job:

*Travel 30-40% of the year

*On average: 50-60 hours per week (some weeks will be less, some more)

*Handle a lot of last minute, urgent requests for research, prep, materials

*Handles a lot of changes in directions (may spend a lot of time working on something and then have the direction of the project change or the priority of it)

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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