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Our corporate client is looking for a copywriter/editor for a six month contract assignment. The ideal candidate must have a thorough knowledge of writing techniques, creative writing approaches, English, and grammar with the ability to adapt writing style to a variety of audiences. Must have copy-editing and proofing skills and have the ability to synthesize vast amounts of information from a variety of sources in order to arrive at the key benefits about a product. Must be able to edit own work so that strongest copy points are presented. Must be able to take approved information and adapt to different formats: Product Fact Sheets, Product Knowledge Workshops, etc.

• Must have excellent project, management skills in order to adapt quickly and effectively to changing priorities and regional needs.

• Requires ability to work in a team environment and be a proactive problem solver. Must be able to work on several projects simultaneously and meet deadlines. Must be able to keep an open mind when it comes to input from others, and maintain flexibility in consolidating multiple points of view.

• Must possess excellent organizational and oral and written communication skills, including strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Must be detail oriented and have the ability to be factually accurate.

• Must have good working knowledge of word processing software (preferably MS Word) and PowerPoint in order to prepare articles, presentations, etc.