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Freelance for various projects throughout 2013
Off-site is okay, but would like candidates to be local (come onsite occassionally for meetings)
Boston, MA

Our client is looking for a freelance copywriter for an ongoing project basis (approx 1/month). He/she will primarily be writing web and promotional marketing copy. (More copy versus tech). However, if they had B2B or tech background that would be helpful.

They are looking for a copywriter with high tech experience! They don't need TECHNICAL WRITING, as they'll be working on marketing / communications writing for the company. Essentially, converting "tech speak" into readable / marketing messaging. This person will play a significant role in helping with content creation, so they need someone who not only executives but can be a big part of the team.

Candidates must provide samples / portfolio with examples of white papers, blogs, headline copy, web copy, video scripts (this is a plus), etc.