Content Strategist

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Our client, a small agency in Westwood, needs a strong Content Strategist for a full site redesign for a non-profit working with an IA to create the content strategy.

Gleaning content requirements for an organization through analysis, content inventories and audits, current-state assessments and stakeholder analysis; and, forming gaps and issues analysis for future-state recommendations.

Understanding the role of content, not only within the Web and marketing channels, but within the enterprise as a whole, and designing towards solutions to reflect those requirements.

Understanding how to build Taxonomies and/or Thesauri.

Designing workflows for publication and content lifecycle processes that include: content acquisition; content creation; review and approval cycles; localization models; content publishing; content analysis and content optimization and/or content archival.

Overseeing content migration and creating or reviewing associated documentation

Defining and helping clients establish metrics to measure the efficacy of content solutions including: ROI, content/brand integrity, content accuracy and relevance, efficiencies gained in content lifecycle improvements

Understanding any number of content technologies including: content management systems, metadata and taxonomy management tools, migration tools, analytics tools.
Creating or reviewing Website structure and nomenclature for the most intuitive presentation of content