Content Strategist

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The Content Strategist (CS) synthesizes business direction, product strategy, data, and research from internal and external sources to define narrative goals and guidelines that ensure clients find the information they need where and when they need it within our digital experiences.

The Content Strategist also produces a Page Inventory and Facet Map that catalogs all screens and entities in an experience, including meta data, display rules, and other defining characteristics, to support SEO, copywriting, CMS development, and other design and development activities.

The CS collaborates with Interaction Design, Digital Design (Visual Design), Media, Technology, SEO, Analytics, Product Management, and Production to ensure strategic continuity across disciplines and achieve the communication goals of the project.

The CS:

• Leverages industry, business, product, and site research to guide content decisions on a project.
• Develops strategic ideas to inspire, shape, and create cogent and compelling narrative experiences.
• Creates, communicates, and directs the content strategy for a project, with a focus on branding, marketing, business goals, and needs.
• Helps guide the content creation, maintenance, management and governance for a project.
• Develops and maintains the Page Inventory to document page-level information including URLs, keywords, page titles, copy notes, etc.
• Develops and maintains the Facet Map that documents the categories, dimensions and values of content entities, their relationships, and the rules of their display.
• Collaborates with Copywriters/Editors to ensure the content achieves business goals and supports the experience.
• Provides direction to vendors and external consultants in content-related tasks and assignments.
• Ensures cohesion between disciplines and strategic continuity across deliverables.
• Researches and reports on relevant industry trends and best practices to identify opportunities for new or improved content experiences.