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Content Marketing Specialist

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Contract with Fortune 500 Social Media company in San Francisco!

You’re a lover of writing. But not just any kind of writing -- the kind that sells! Crank out a convincing 2 page product tip sheet? Been there, done that. Work with designers to communicate an idea simply & beautifully through an infographic? In your sleep. Constantly hitting and exceeding your numbers? We want you.

Your Team: You’ll be on the Marketing Content & Channels team. We’re a fun and creative bunch, yet we also knock our results out of the park every quarter. Your closest confidantes will be ~6 North American demand generation marketers and 1 global content marketer. You’ll work side-by-side with us to create tip sheets, infographics, blog posts, videos, and landing pages that will impress & entice recruiters and talent leaders.

Your 3 big goals:
• Create 2-3 snackable content pieces per week: Here are some examples of the types of tip sheets / ebooks, infographics, blog posts, videos, and landing pages you’ll create.
• Get customer engagement: Prospects & customers will love downloading your content and sharing it. You’ll co-own an engagement number such as # of downloads per content asset.
• Get sales results: Prospects and customers who download your content can’t help but want to buy more of our products. You’ll co-own a sales number such as $ sourced bookings per content asset.

6 things you’ll do:
• Create acquisition marketing content: Develop content that will help us acquire new customers. Write and work with design agencies to create content such as tip sheets, landing pages, and infographics.
• Create customer marketing content: Develop content to help our customers be successful with our products, learn how to use them, and be enticed to buy more. Write and work with design agencies to create content such as tip-sheets and product videos about feature updates, new product launches, etc.
• Break big content into bite-sized “snackable” pieces: We have a lot of great (but long) e-books and reports. We’d love to re-purpose them into smaller, digestible pieces of content. We’ll use these “snackable” pieces of content mainly at the end of the buying process when people are considering and then deciding to buy.
• Test, learn, and repeat: Launch fresh content topics and formats to customers and prospects and see which ones perform best. Use successful content and share what you’ve learned so your team and partners can benefit and improve.
• Keep our content current & fresh: Update our past content to include the latest product enhancements, new product releases, pricing, and more.
• Work with lots of marketers: Work closely with customer and acquisition marketers, customer lifecycle marketers, product marketers, and insights analysts to develop new content and update existing content. Prioritize what should be done based on the product roadmap and data-driven research of what customers want to hear.

10 things you’re good at and enjoy:
• Writer extraordinaire: You enjoy writing and editing, and you rock at both.
• A pro at creating bottom-of-funnel marketing content: You know what we mean when we say middle and bottom of funnel marketing content, and can develop all types like it’s nobody’s business.
• Passionate about the talent & tech industries: You’ve either worked in or really want to work in the talent industry, helping recruiters be successful at their jobs and finding great candidates to build their companies. We’ll expect you to think and write like a recruiter within a few weeks of starting the job.
• Scrappy and creative: You love testing new types of content and are bubbling with fresh ideas to test. You can come up with creative story angles. You’re not only good at coming up with stuff, you’re also good at giving writing and design feedback to others.
• Lover of details: You always catch your own spelling and grammar errors. You sweat design details and make beautiful content.
• Calm project manager: You can hit tight deadlines and won’t lose track of lots of moving parts of a project, all while staying cool & collected.
• People love working with you: You work seamlessly with external design vendors / agencies and internal marketers. You somehow always win their affection because you’re not just an order-taker, you’re also a consultative problem solver who helps other people achieve their goals.
• Flexible yet great at execution: Given our flexible and sometimes chaotic environment, you are unafraid to roll with the punches, get your hands dirty, and get stuff done fast.
• Fun-loving: While you’re serious and professional about your work, you don’t take yourself too seriously.

3 bonus abilities you have:
• You can tell simple stories with data: You can simplify and visualize data so people know what it means and why it’s important for them. You can read a dense data-driven report and simplify the insights into infographics and jarring stats to insert into a tip sheet or video.
• You know how to measure your marketing results: You track things so you know when you’re killing it vs when you’re not. If not you can pivot to succeed the next time.
• You can think strategy and big picture: You can zoom out to think about where our content gaps might be, new story angles we haven’t tried, and new content ideas / formats we should explore.

Submittal details:
• Candidate resumes must only be 1 page
• Candidates must provide 2-3 work samples to be considered for this role

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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