Content Editor

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Seeking a Content Editor for games on the gaming console, PC, mobile, and casual games platforms. In our endeavor to create games that exceed industry standards, we need a disciplined yet flexible, technical yet creative editor. This project offers excellent opportunities for those who seek a creative environment and love playing games.

• Ensuring the overall quality and clarity of our game content at any stage of development.
• Editing UI text, tutorial text, movie and voice scripts, print content, web content, marketing pieces, story bibles, game glossaries, style guides, and/or numerous other “one-offs.”
• Enforcing standards for terminology, copyrights, trademarks, geopolitical, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
• Editing in a variety of formats: Word, Excel, .xml, .ini, .txt, etc.
• Coordinating and tracking content deliverables and handoffs to product team, game developers, and localization.
• Using software tools to practice strict version control and revision tracking of source files.
• Ensuring final versions of UI text and voiceover scripts match final audio recordings.
• Tracking and fixing text bugs.


• Excellent editorial skills, from developmental editing to line editing to proofreading. (A short editing test will be given.)
• Solid command of grammar rules … and the instinct to break them in order to make a game more fun.
• Ability to work towards an editorial schedule and to coordinate handoffs with the subject matter experts, product team, game developers, localization, and many other disciplines.
• Ability to deal successfully with ambiguity and roll with the creative process.
• Ability to edit within the context and structure of a video game, as well as to help create that context and structure when necessary.
• Ability to work under challenging deadlines.
• Ability to tactfully deliver and accept feedback and to work successfully with other writers, editors, producers, artists, testers, audio engineers, and other key partners.
• Impeccable organization skills to work on several complex editing tasks simultaneously and to prioritize schedules and deliverables.
• Ability to learn and work with a variety of content-creation tools and file formats (including .doc, .xls, .xml, .ini, and one-off proprietary formats), to observe strict version control of source files, and to track and fix bugs in a proprietary bug database.
• Ability to work core business hours (10 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard Time) at minimum and a willingness to work early mornings, late evenings, and some weekends as required by the needs of projects, particularly when supporting partners in different world time zones.
• Proven history of playing games, either as a casual to die-hard gamer or with career experience in games.
• Bachelor's degree in Technical Communications, Creative Writing, English Literature, Journalism, or related field or equivalent experience.