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When travelling, often the most memorable parts of the entire experience are the activities… the helicopter tour of an active volcano, the ride-along with a NASCAR driver on a world-class race track or the day spent at an adventure park with your entire family. We facilitate memorable experiences just like these (and many, many more) for our customers by providing them with ideas and offers that are tailored to their travel desires. Our team is energetic and driven with a diverse mix of experiences and ideas. We not only value but also require each member of our team to participate in our business strategy. Successful players in our group know how to wear multiple hats, are passionate about building an amazing culture that is 2nd to none, work hard with laser focus on our customer’s experience and know how to have fun while doing it. Responsibilities: • Write, edit, and load content, while adhering to in-house style guidelines. • Inspires customers to book by enhancing higher-revenue properties with more descriptive and creative text. • Address update requests, clarifying details when necessary; and make comprehensive changes to reflect consistent information across the description. • Create the optimum guest experience and reduce guest-service issues by writing promotions and room rate plans, and carefully determining appropriateness of offers and the need for additional details. • Provide excellent customer service by responding in a timely, professional manner upon completion of content requests; and explaining why all or part of the request could not be fulfilled, when necessary. • Based on strict adherence to guidelines, determine acceptance of content submitted by suppliers and moderate, as appropriate. • Proactively help to improve processes, implement projects, create documentation, and incorporate perspective to ensure a comprehensive job is done. • Cross-train by working on writing and/or editing creative content and loading of rates. • Assist in meeting overarching content goals by handling other writing, editing, and project tasks, as assigned . Requirements: Significant formal education in a related area of study, a plus. 3 years of relevant experience. Ability to be flexible and responsive Evidence of meeting deadlines and establishing goals with team Excellent interpersonal skills, self-direction, and drive; professional demeanor Proficient with Microsoft Office products, specifically Excel, Access, Word, and Outlook Experience with customer service