Concept Artist Generalist - 16401

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Concept Artist - Generalist

The Concept Artist sketches ideas for game worlds, characters, objects, vehicles, furniture, clothing, and other content (often starting with hand-drawn pencil sketches). These sketches form mockups/visual prototypes for key areas of a project. The Concept Artist also suggests level designs, color schemes, and the overall mood and feel of the game. They are usually very good at perspective drawing and architecture. Although not involved in creating the actual game art, the Concept Artist will help determine the look of many aspects of the game.

Requirements: 2 years of concept experience
Shipped video game titles is a plus
Ability to create concepts from scratch and create color studies
Environment and component ideation and design
Very strong traditional illustration skills in a variety of media as well as excellent drawing skills, matte painting experience is a plus
A strong ability to think in 3D
Strong fundamental skills including good use of line, light, shadow and color
Storytelling and concept development
Ability to work within specific styles, including a style set by another artist or art director and mentor other concept artists.