Concept Artist

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Role Overview - this is a contract position
Concept Artists help define and visualize the worlds (both indoor and outdoors) creating a guide for the game’s 3D environment for everything that our players’ see. The artist plays an extremely important role in setting the visual tone of the game. Some of these artists are very technical and create very life like photorealistic worlds, while others create amazing fantasy worlds. Concept Artists are the ones that help make that choice and bridge that gap combining these two worlds for our Producers, Designers and Art Directors to easily visualize. They are the ones who help Environment Modelers define the physical form of the world into models as these models are built from concept art drawings.

An Concept Artist must have a passion for creating new and innovative worlds. Their portfolio must demonstrate the following:
- An ability to think in 3D while drawing in 2D
- Drawings/sketches that display refined skills that reflects a visual guide
- Excellent sense of perspective, art styles, and color
- Breadth of artistic styles and artistic knowledge
- Ability to create fast sketches that reflect an idea
- Excellent sense of polish and level of finish

Concept Artists are expected to have a proficient experience with Art Software such as Photoshop. Experience with Maya would be a plus but not a prerequisite.