Community Manager

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The Mobile TV Community Manager consultant will play a vital role as a brand representative and the professional voice of the brand in both external and internal capacities. The successful candidate will serve as content creator and curator on client's social (Facebook and Twitter) and online (blogs) Web sites, actively serving as an advocate of the client service, effectively engaging with consumers and growing the community through creative content and discussions.

A significant part of the community manager’s role will be to utilize monitoring tools (Radian6, Meltwater, etc.) and to listen to consumer feedback about the product on all social channels. The person should be experienced in identifying conversational threads that relate to the product and be able to respond appropriately.

The person must understand the 24/7 nature of the Internet and social media and will be relied upon to keep a pulse on the latest trends, technologies, platforms and news in the mobile and entertainment industries. S/he should have the ability to turn data and trends (client or 3rd party) into articulate meaningful insight.

The responsibilities of community manager include:
· Create and maintain an editorial calendar for the client blog with content that will increase traction of the brand in key verticals
· Maintain the Twitter and Facebook pages with consistent content and points of user engagement
· Liaison with marketing, PR, agency, and senior management to communicate the brand’s message to the community
· Identify and execute against industry announcements, client press releases, and promotions to increase user engagement and ultimate consumer adoption
· Quickly address consumer issues/feedback mentioned in the social media space
· Monitor social media efforts and provide/report out on analytics