Clinical – Writer/Editor

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Technical writer/editor for Scientific Journal semi-annual magazine
PhD req.

Writer/Editor to develop semi-annual magazine content in the field of cancer research.

The contractor shall be required to research, write, and fact check their original work, and provide substantive editing and copyediting that results in a final version of the writing product.

The contractor must have a Ph.D. with a focus in life science; at least two years of laboratory research experience; at least 10 years of experience in communications and/or journalism; be familiar with broad areas of cancer research; be skilled at translating technical writing to plain language, at copyediting and substantive editing, and in writing new-magazine style articles that cover broad areas of cancer research; and can adhere to a tight production schedule. The contractor shall also be familiar with research, policies, processes, and infrastructure of the National Cancer Institute and the Center for Cancer Research.

Having earned a PhD, and having laboratory research experience, intimate knowledge of the research process, and is familiar with scientific language.

Also skilled at translating scientific topics so they are easily understandable to the lay public.