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Business Product Analyst

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We are looking for a Business Product Analyst who comes with a thorough understanding of business goals, identified solutions to meet these goals and communicate them to technical architects.

To be successful, this analyst will work with a group of business team members to define solutions and with technical teams to insure these solutions are implemented to requirements. Documentation of business requirements and delivered product are essential for measurement of success.

Success factors for this position include deployed solutions that meet business needs. This includes carefully documented requirements and a measurement that they have been met.

The analyst will need to understand the big picture goals and insure that solutions are building the platform for the future. A thorough knowledge of existing processes is essential as new solutions will need to integrate with them.

The analyst will need to understand success metrics and build monitoring and reporting into solutions. This includes usage, sales, leads, user paths, etc. Understanding the implications of a failure in the system and its recovery and will need to manage change in the processes.

Business requirements to technical specs

Job Responsibilities

• Thoroughly understand business goals
• Thoroughly understand Business Processes
• Thoroughly understand System Integrations
• Document and communicate business requirements
• Verify all business requirements exist in the technical specifications
• Verify the final product contains all business requirements
• Maintain up to date business process documentation
• Review future strategy and direction to assess change
• Analyze process change and communicate impact
• Drive issue resolution
• Incorporate lessons learned into business process change

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