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Business Design Leader

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Business Design Leader
Onsite in Watertown, MA
Full time/permanent role

Our client is hiring a Business Design Leader to join their growing Strategic Design Team! They create digitally based solutions for the healthcare industry - focused on web and mobile - to help make the entire patient and doctor experience a better one.

The strategic design team will consist of folks who have a strong skill set in one specific aspect of design, including research, interaction, interaction/visual, and business design. The focus is going to be very much on the front end part of the process - leading facilitation sessions with stakeholders, the leadership team, product strategy, etc. He/she will be called into existing product lines / phones to work on strategy projects.

BUSINESS DESIGN is the bigger picture here. You'll be helping the overall organization of design and the strategy of how they position themselves in the market.

The company is building a Strategic Design team at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Watertown, MA to help guide the development of groundbreaking new products and services in health. The team will work with a large community of passionate, talented UX designers, software developers and product managers to reimagine the moment of care and reshape the daily practice of medicine. We’ll combine human-centered research, design and business to create network-enabled digital products and associated services - filling the chasms in healthcare and uniting healthcare providers with their true calling of making people well.

The Position:
You will lead multi-disciplinary teams of designers, product managers and developers through strategic design efforts, coaching teams to dig deep, think big, reimagine broken systems and then create detailed, actionable and agile development plans. Where needed (or when you desire) you will follow new digital service initiatives you have generated through the entire detailed design and development process, up to and beyond MVP launch. You will lead by example throughout, getting your hands dirty by applying your strong capabilities across multiple design disciplines with a particular focus on your core discipline.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Business design internal consulting
• Bring creative business acumen to service design and evolution, to help product managers and design leaders create stronger business models and communicate them fluently.
• Bringing down-to-earth strategy tools and thinking to innovation project teams and senior business leaders to help them make tough prioritization / sequencing choices to develop strong product development plans.
• Consulting to, and coaching, innovation project leaders to assist them in understanding value creation and capture within current and potential future business ecosystems.
• Leading project teams through structured creative exercises to generate new business model ideas.
• Working with colleagues to resourcefully access data both within the company and beyond to use in building evidence-based financial forecasts for highly uncertain endeavors in complex markets.
• Creating insightful models of future business revenues and operating costs, employing techniques such as sensitivity analyses, scenarios and agile strategy plans to handle uncertainty.
• Leading the planning of prototypes, experiments, pilots and MVP’s to rapidly and robustly test assumptions in feasible lean ways.
Strategic design leadership and execution
• Plan, collaboratively resource and execute strategic design initiatives in response to business opportunities and needs.
• Confidently leading small teams with less strategic design experience (researchers, designers, developers, product managers and others) through strategy projects with large scope, wicked-gnarly complex content and massive uncertainty. You must be able to delegate effectively and adeptly guide others in their work while also leading by example, sitting down to directly apply your own skills in your particular design discipline.
• Research planning in collaboration with research specialists to build understanding of needs and opportunities, and to gather inspiration from extreme or analogous situations.
• Synthesis with team members to develop insightful frameworks and robust product / service strategy recommendations.
• Creative idea and concept generation, down-selection and refinement.
• Prototyping – from paper to clickables to in-market MVP testing and iterative development.
• Roadmap the implementation path to create agile development plans and/or service operations experiments and pilots at timescales both micro (months) and macro (years).
• Crafting compelling presentations that weave together stories of user needs, business opportunity and in-house capabilities to inspire the company to take risks and pursue new growth paths.
Organizational transformation
• Be an inspiring, bold and collaborative exemplar of design-led innovation practice within the company, teaching those around you the strengths of your approaches while respecting and learning from theirs. Share your work with humility and enthusiasm via in-house presentations.
• Occasionally contribute to innovation workshop preparation and facilitation for numerous different functional departments, helping apply design thinking to internal processes, sales, IT, HR and upskilling your colleagues across the business.
• Assist and advise the Executive Director of Strategic Design in constantly refining organizational processes, talent and structure to optimize new product / service development.

Education, Experience, & Skills Required:
• You have years of experience creating services and products for web, mobile and/or tablet, and are proficient in industry standards as well as cutting-edge techniques and trends for your discipline.
• You likely have a MA or MS, BA or BS in a design-related field such as Human-Computer Interaction, Fine Arts or Architecture or you hold a degree in a different field but have acquired impressive experience that negates formal design qualifications.
• You deliver appropriate artifacts that document the purpose and essence of a comprehensive user experience such as information architecture, interaction models, task flows, wireframes, visual mocks, palettes.
• You can tie together digital interactions with touchpoints beyond the screen to generate service concepts that make use of, but are not constrained by, digital interactions.
• You can rapidly create ingenious “rough but right” prototypes of varying fidelity to explore ideas and complex interactions in the context of the overall product.
• You have experience working closely with developers within structured or agile development processes to deliver digital products to market.
• You are familiar with methods across the entire design process, knowing how these can be applied to achieve a stronger result and recommendation.
• If you are an interaction designer you ideally have some front-end engineering skills enabling you to draft CSS, whip up or tweak a prototype in code, and more effectively engage with front-end and full-stack developers.

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