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Business Analyst/EXCEL Expert

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The business analyst role will be responsible for designing and delivering analysis that will help CVS to improve the effectiveness of its circular promotions. The role reports to a Director and offers good visibility to other leaders within the business. This role will best suit someone with:
  • A track record of delivering complex excel analysis in a timely error free manner
  • A passion for delivering significant top and bottom line impact to CVS
  • An understanding and interest in Retail
    Required qualifications

    Analytical skills

  • Proven track record in designing and executing complex excel analysis
  • Experience writing and auditing advanced excel functions (e.g. vlookup, countifs, arrays)
  • Ability to implement conditional formatting and other excel formatting tools
  • Experience constructing and auditing Pivot tables
  • Experience with iterative calculation functions and add-ins such as Solver, What-If Tables, and Goal Seek
  • Familiarity with and experience calculating basic descriptive statistics such as mean, median, variance, standard deviation, and correlation
  • Ability to audit excel analysis both during and after execution of analysis

    Communication skills

  • Ability to concisely and confidently communicate insights from analysis to Director level supervisor
  • Experience developing and sharing recommendations with other leaders from across CVS’s business
  • Ability to create slides in PowerPoint (e.g. tables, graphs, executive summaries) that summarize analysis completed in a clear and impactful way

    Database skills

  • Familiarity with the use of relational databases
  • Ability to write and run basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries in Access / SQL
    Preferred qualifications
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