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B2B Technical Writer

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Aquent is looking for a Technical Writer for a 3-month project-based contract. Candidates should have experience with B2B content and existing knowledge of software programs. The client's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities, value and functions will be the primary content subject. Knowledge of automated data transfers and similar systems are idea.

The position will include a discovery period centered around research and interviewing key stakeholders. Once discovery is complete, there are three key deliverables that need to be produced to complete the scope.

Deliverable Scope of Work ::

1) An overview of 1-3 pages that describes our general capabilities, particularly focused on graphical representation (e.g. flows, images, etc.) appropriate for Sales materials

2) A customer-ready guide to initiating a B2B connection with the client, with an emphasis on the ease of establishing a trading relationship for electronic interchange and the steps to accomplish that, for both EDI and XML.

a. ‘Customer-ready’ refers to both the completeness of the document and the look of the document. These documents will reflect our company to our customers, and the quality of the presentation as well as the information is critical.

b. ‘Customer-ready’ also means the use of general business and technical terms. ‘LTL-speak’ should only be used with accompanying explanation or translation to make the terminology absolutely clear.

i. If the client uses particular terminology, it may be advisable to include that so that if a customer were to ask a question, it would be possible for any person with sufficient familiarity to address it. In other words, the document can serve as a translation between general terminology and specific terminology.

3) For each of the core transaction sets, for each of the desired formats, a customer-ready guide (e.g. 5 transactions each for EDI ANSI x12 and XML, 10 total).

a. These guides should be written from the perspective of a customer coming to the client for guidance or best practice in how to format the relevant message.

b. The guides should each contain a concise but very clear description of purpose.

c. The guides should contain clear indication of mandatory or optional fields.

i. Where appropriate, notes that describe why a piece of information is mandatory should be included

d. While they will leverage industry standards, the guides must be tailored to the client's specific information needs. The goal is *not* to be ‘all things to all people’, and should not set unrealistic expectations of what can and cannot be accommodated within the standard.

Candidates local to Portland, OR only please.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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