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Associate Art Supervisor

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The Associate Art Supervisor is a key member of the Creative and art production team, responsible for generating and maintaining the overall visual look of each entertainment project, including character art, environment art, and overall show look. Must have boy brand experience, animation, story board experience. Working with the Senior Art Supervisor, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story. During Production, the Associate Art Supervisor works with the studio’s art department, providing feedback on character models and set designs. Throughout the project, they work closely with Mattel cross-functional creative teams to ensure creative alignment across all touch points.

Responsibilities include:

Developing final character art that will drive uniqueness and optimization in content execution; Work with cross-functional teams to ensure character design continuity across the brand.

Exploring and developing final environment design and show look, including style and lighting.

Assisting the Production Team on all set pieces, including environments, vehicles, pets, weapons, etc. Approval of all designs.

Developing pitch materials for internal and external needs: GHO, subsidiaries, licensing partners, content distribution and broadcast partners

Works closely with cross-functional creative teams to ensure consistency and efficiency in creating and sharing assets.

Working with outside illustrators and designers

Requirements for this position:

At least 2-3 years of experience in concept art and development for entertainment and production
Expertise in character and environment design with the ability to direct other artists
Sensitivity to driving toys and products through design
Understanding of trends and needs in kids entertainment
An understanding of brand needs
Delivering on multi-category product needs
Must be comfortable presenting and describing their work to high level executives; explain the vision for the brand and the thought processes behind the development used to create the work.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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