Assistant Editor, e-Learning Programs (Contract)

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The Assistant Editor of Academic E-Learning Programs will work under the supervision of the Manager of Academic e-Learning Programs to provide support in the production of e-Learning Programs including live webcasts, on-demand webcasts, podcasts and YouTube™ content. The Assistant Editor will interact with other members of Education & Academic Affairs involved in the content development and promotion of e-Learning initiatives including Professional Education, Public and Patient Education, Education Media Services, Education Communications and Publications to support this initiative.

Scope of Work
• Support pre-production phase of webcast including:
o Customize Mediasite™ (webcasting platform), configuring interface for online learners (i.e., log-ins, surveys, links, polling, banners -accessing creative from Web Associate etc.)
o Research copyright compliance during slide deck review (assess, research and identify images);
o Design and develop content for Web (formatting powerpoint slides, sizing, replacing images)
o Configure learning management system (LMS) to enable learner registration, course launch, and monthly reporting.
• Oversee help desk for live webcasts
• Support post-production phase of webcast including:
o Edit digital captures (streaming video files) in postproduction - includes raw footage review of recorded webcasts, soft editing, formatting, and producing a final cut for team review.
o Alpha- and beta-test webcasts, incorporating necessary revisions
o Launch webcasts in conjunction with production timelines
o Perform quality control, photography research, and implement copyright compliance policy by reviewing PowerPoint™ slide decks submitted by medical faculty. Identify copyright images for inclusion in medical lectures.
• Produce monthly statistical reports on Education Web sub-pages and on webcast viewership

Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Instructional Technology preferred
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Ability to coordinate multiple projects with attention to detail
Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access required.
Working knowledge of Adobe Premier and in multimedia software education technologies is highly desirable.