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App Developer - Adobe DPS

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Developer with Adobe DPS

Our client is seeking an experienced Developer who could start work next week and help build 30-35 pages on the app with various levels of interactivity.


Establish a digital story that enriches the end user experience using interactive content, video, social sharing, etc.

• Build of all app pages: Beginning of June

• Apple App Store submission: mid-June (App store approval takes approximately 9 days.)

• App launch: end of June

• App is developed using Adobe DPS and is for iPads only.

• It needs to be created in HD format, folio version 32, 2048 by 1536 resolution, in both horizontal and vertical layout.

• Two versions will be distributed base on end users’ platform. HD folio & SD folio

• The app has a specific Visual Style guide (to be provided), including colour, illustration, typeface, animation and page grid.

• The app includes approximately 30 to 35 pages and 90% of pages require some form of interactivity (sample article provided).

• Some pages / articles will require integration of Edge Animate OAM files and/or image sequences from After Effects.

• Need to have all the pages built and ready for user testing by first week of June.

• Feelancer needs to be available to make modifications to the pages in the month of June based on user testing and App Store feedback.

• We are looking for assistance particularly in the areas of app build and deployment.

• Build animation and interactivity for each page (approximately 30 to 35 pages). Our in-house team will provide layouts for each article and will collaborate with you directly.

• Convert the horizontal layout to portrait layout and package HD and SD folios.

• Provide technical assistance or user experience consultation as necessary.

• Strong hands-on knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud products including (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Muse, InDesign and Adobe Edge Animate)

• Expert experience with Adobe DPS & application development

• Knowledge of application development including HTML, HTML5 and JavaScript

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