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Advertising Account Manager (Digital)

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We are currently seeking an Advertising Account Manager to work in a dynamic digital company.

1. Time and Territory Management - Demonstrates a strategic approach to territory by focusing and prioritizing accounts with the highest revenue potential and highest impact

2. Account Planning - Creates account plans that drives deeper customer insight, strategically manages relationships and assures linearity and accuracy of forecasts

3. Pipeline Management/Opportunity Generation - Manages Pipeline efficiently, maintaining a classic funnel shape the ensures that there are always sufficient opportunities at each stage of the sales cycle to meet target

4. CRM Tool - Effectively utilizes CRM tool (Salesforce) to enable collection of customer insights and drive the sales cycle

5. Product Knowledge - Articulates the key product line up and understands how products are solutions to customer problems

6. Rapport Building - Establish rapport with customers and develops relationships

7. Meeting Management - Executes on sales meetings/calls that demonstrates control and preparedness

- Opening
- Identifying Customer Needs
- Handling Objections
- Closing

8. Presentation/Storytelling Skills - Presents solutions and products in a compelling and engaging story that creates momentum and comprehension

9. Assess Outcomes of Meetings - Analyzes sales meetings for opportunities and sales cycle advancement as well as areas for improvement and development

10. Follow up with Customer - Uses followup notes, contacts with customer to continue to advance the sales cycle and deepen rapport

Key Skills:

1. Understand Business Impact: Understands the business impacts of Kijiji Offering and can articulate them using customer metrics aligned with customer key priorities.

2. Business Value Proposition: Creates a business value proposition that is specific to the customer and that points to a specific or measurable outcome.

3. Financial Acumen: Applies financial understanding and analytical thinking to help customers make a decision.

4. Customer Drivers: Seeks to understand what is driving the customer’s business internally and externally.

5. Value-Based Rapport Building: Establishes rapport with customers by understanding their business concerns and issues.

6. Proactive Innovation: Proactively communicates insights and best practices to customers that align with customers priorities.

7. Aligns Conversation to Individual Stakeholder: In advance of a meeting, carefully thinks through the needs of each person to ensure their requirements are met and that value proposition is targeted specifically.

8. Develops Long-Term Relationships: Enhances their relationship with a key customer, even where there is no clear short term gain.

9. Adapts to Change: Adapt easily to business changes, such as a sudden reduction in advertising spend or change in client contact.

10. Creates Opportunity in Face of Challenges: Views changes in accounts as a challenge and opportunity, rather than an obstacle.

11. Demonstrates a strong knowledge of CPM/CPA/CPC, DART, and Salesforce

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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