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Administrative Assistant/Document Control

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Pay rate - no higher than $18/h which is the max. Client is price sensitive, candidates submitted at the Max rate are rarely moved forward by their program. Please submit your hourly rate requirements with to your application.

Retail Support Position
I. Make copies of files for all legal requests
a. Retail Support Representative is responsible for copying legal documents per request from the legal department, Property and Facilities Optimization group, Business Consultants, District Sales Managers, Marketing Assistants or any other individual requesting copies.
i. Requests for original contents of the entire file - Request for the entire file should be received in writing (presumably by email) and printed out for file room records. The file room will then assist the Retail Support Representative with sending the file to clients Reprographics group. Reprographics will make a copy of the file for the file room and the Retail Support Representative may then send originals to the requestor. A return address should also accompany the file so that the requestor is clear on where it should be returned.
ii. Requests for a copy of the entire file - The file room will assist the Retail Support Representative with sending the file to client’s Reprographics group. The Reprographics will make a copy for the requestor which can then be mailed to his or her attention.
iii. Requests for individual agreements - Copies of individual agreements such as Supply Agreements, Dealer Leases, Right of First Refusals, etc. should be made by the Retail Support Representative and sent to the requestor via email.

II. Mail all legal documents generated by the Contract Administrators
a. Retail Support Representative is responsible for processing mailing requests according to the instruction and timeframe indicated on the “Mailing Request Coversheet” submitted by the Retail Account Associate. If for some reason, documents are unable to be mailed within the requested timeframe the Retail Support Representative should work with the designated Retail Account Associate to come up with an alternative solution.
i. As a general guideline documents should be mailed according to the following level of priority:
1. Non-renewals
2. Insurance Default Termination Notices
3. Contract (initial or renewal)
4. Other miscellaneous agreements
ii. For tracking purposes, all mailing labels should be marked with the relevant facility number and document name. If the document has been executed by the client the label should include the word. Keep up with posting all mail outs on spreadsheet. (Facility# Customer name, BC, RA, tracking air bill #, etc.)
iii. When mailing out several contracts to BC’s, print extra air bills for each facility file
iv. Last minute mail request, prepare and take down to Basement for DHL.
v. “Executed” in the document name (ex: Executed Renewal Contract 93831)
c. Assist with assembly, including tabbing (upon request – specify priority level)

III. Prepare specified documents for filing
a. Certified Return Receipts - Return receipts for certified mail documents will be maintained by the Retail Support Representative in a desk file. (These will not be sent to the file room for filing). For 90-Day Non-Renewals, Retail Support Representative will make a copy of the Certified Return Receipt and file with the Non-Renewal Notice.
b. Secured Files - The following documents will be submitted to the Retail Support Representative for filing in the secured file room: Deeds of Trust, Purchase Options, Right of First Refusals, Re-conveyances, Substitutions of Trust, and Title Insurance documents. If secured documents are received and a secured folder does not exist for the corresponding facility then the Retail Support Representative should create one.

IV. Manage FDD Supply and Track Revisions-Related Matters

V. Review and Approve Daily volumes submitted in Marketer Investment Incentive program

VI. Manage quarterly process for ordering 3 party appraisals (Including Rush Requests)
a. For any requests received and any necessary appraisals based on the quarterly review, pull report from SAP and gather the necessary data fields.
b. Send filled out data sheet Retail Supervisor.
c. Once appraisal completion is confirmed, sent necessary information to responsible Retail Account Associate.

VII. Check for faxes (on missing sales forms for CORO sites) and send to Manila support for the account close/billing cycle on CORO rents

VIII. RE Emails – Check RE requests sent by CA’s for accuracy and completeness, as well as compare with what we have in SAP (REISRO Module), then submit requests via EBS ticket.

IX. Agreements/ Renewal Contracts - If only one contract was signed make a copy for the customer after contract is signed by chevron. This applies to any agreements as well. Return contracts to CA’S to contract complete in SAP.

X. Assist Retail Account Associates with Research and Special Projects (upon request – specify priority level)
a. Go to file room and pull a file for CA or research file for documents requested.
b. Contact BC’S asking for their assistance in tracking a contract/document.

XI. Materials Management – Ordering certain supplies for BPG – procuring items for BPG (i.e. stretch break cards)

XII. MSDS Letters - The BPG currently receives MSDS Letters from San Ramon when they get returned due to undeliverable addresses. Duties of the support role regarding these letters are as follows:
a. Research to find the correct Address and mail to the customer
b. If your research reveals that SAP Master Data is the source with the incorrect data please have the responsible CA make the update.

XIII. Secondary Back-up for Contract Administrators

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