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Account Manager

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Junior Account Managers (JAM) play a crucial role on the Account Management Team. As “master of details”, JAMs support the team as the necessary extra set of eyes and hands to ensure flawless execution of campaigns. Much of the JAM’s time will be focused on assisting with daily and monthly reporting, which will include contributing to the development of client-facing documents, offering preliminary observations and analysis of the data, and flagging performance, delivery, and pacing issues. This role reports directly to the Account Director and is cued to become an Account Manager based on performance and the below criteria.


What is expected of a Junior Account Manager?


  • Wrap-up reports: pull reports from appropriate sources, which may include: Platform Insights, DFP, Moat, 3rd party ad servers.
  • Compile data into presentation-ready template and update 3rd party adjustments.
  • Provide preliminary analyses of the data so the Account Managers can develop observations and recommendations for optimization.
  • Review Moat and Mobile One analytics daily to proactively identify optimization recommendations.
  • Pull screenshots of placements as needed.
  • Monitor new placements for black-list sites (first week).
  • Pull daily pacing reports (ABL) and review with AM as requested.
  • Proof decks for accuracy (confirm clients, AEs, dates, data, etc. are all correctly updated from version to version and month to month).



  • Support AMs in EOM billing and reconciliation.
  • Countersign insertion orders to verify accuracy and acceptance of contracts.
  • Identify discrepancies and troubleshoot issues as requested by AMs.
  • Review media plans in the system against client orders to ensure accuracy (rates, etc.).
  • Update media plans with minor revisions in PHNX (e.g. SEM rates).
  • Identify discrepancies and troubleshoot issues as requested by AMs.
  • Facilitate mid-campaign creative and tag updates (swaps) with Ad Ops.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelors degree in Marketing, Advertising, Mass Communications or related field. 1+ years' of digital media experience, preferred. 
  • Curious and restless about the company, the industry and their role in it.
  • Demonstrates confidence and professionalism.
  • Proactive, self-motivated; routinely takes initiative.
  • Meticulously detail-oriented; strives for flawless execution.
  • Organized to a fault.
  • Proclivity for doing “complete work”: they are all about the follow-up and the follow-through.
  • Natural multi-tasker.
  • Flexible; able to adapt to shifts in direction and a rapidly-evolving organization and industry.
  • Ability to prioritize; has a reasonable sense of urgency while maintaining composure under pressure.
  • Naturally analytical; desires to find the “why”.
  • Receptive to instruction and critical feedback.
  • Good listener and communicator.
  • Gets excited about Excel and media math formulas.
  • Familiar with Powerpoint and/or Keynote.
  • Motivated by deadlines (NOT a procrastinator).


Criteria for Promotion to Account Manager:

  • Mastery of the job as described above.
  • Proven as a good listener and communicator.
  • Demonstrates strong basic “business writing” skills.
  • Understands the fundamentals of digital media and marketing and is able to relate them to client success.
  • Establishes strong internal relationships; respected by peers and develops a reputation as an essential team player.
  • Displays commitment to the team (AMs and AEs).
  • Demonstrates good judgment.
  • Is well-versed in all Digital Display, Mobile, Video and Social Products.
  • Able to present and analyze data effectively, efficiently and persuasively.
  • Demonstrates an eagerness to grow into and own more responsibility specific to market

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