Account Executive/Project Manager

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Executive Account Manager for a high-energy distribution / marketing services company. Position is the focal point of contact for the client and responsive to the client’s questions/requests. Also ensure that “Standard Operating Procedures” are being adhered to at all times. Provide proactive oversight of every activity and deliverable that the company provides to the client. As part of that, monitoring KPI’s and taking action when needed to improve indicators in all areas.

Experience: 5-7 years experience in a similar level of leadership as an Account Manager.
Customer Relations
• Manage the corporate relationship between client and company
• Participate in planning in review meetings.
• Act in all ways as a fiduciary on behalf of the client in waste reduction initiative
• Provide weekly and monthly project reporting
• Conduct Quarterly Business Review with key personnel internally and externally to review progress throughout the year

Operational Relationship
• Ensuring the quality and timing for delivery of services meets or exceeds the client’s expectations
• Resolve major issues as they arise with existing work
• Ensure company has staffed and resourced project management teams sufficiently to enable effective management of work
• Ensure that company meets all project time lines with accuracy, on time and on budget
• Strong Account Management
Quality Assurance
• Ensure all issues are identified in a timely manner
• Develop methods to improve quality throughout the company
• Accountability for the quality and success of the work assigned by the client

Decision Making: Prioritizing competing projects, timelines and promotions along with staffing needs
Interaction: Management team, external department heads, department staff, clients
Problem Solving: Client needs, processes, staffing issues

Special Skills and/or Abilities: Proficient with computer navigation, electronic-mail, word processing, database, and spreadsheet programs. Ability to create ad hoc reports.

Important Qualities and Characteristics: Able to communicate courteously and pro-actively; able to learn customers’ short term and long term needs; see issues from customers’ position, and recommend products or services; able to promote customer focus in employees and develop partnerships with customers. Able to apply common sense, theory and experience to decision-making; able to recognize similarities between past and present situation; able to identify key issues or use inductive reasoning in complex situations. Able to persist and finish projects despite obstacles, or redirect when necessary; able to follow instructions or take action and address opportunities with little supervision; able to take extra steps to prevent mistakes or create opportunities. Able to use active listening skills or attend to non-verbal cues to better understand others’ perspectives, behaviors or motivations; able to empathize with others’ needs and respond sensitively; able to use good judgment when responding and respond to objections successfully.