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Account Executive -- STPSJP00001848

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As part of the in-house Advertising Agency we are looking to hire an Account Executive (AE) that will not only be responsible for managing a variety of different projects in order to gain knowledge and exposure, but will work with the team to build relationships with multiple marketing partners to deliver on the goals and objectives.

The AE will work on B2B projects and team.

Client Partnership: Work with the team to build a deep trusting relationship with the Marketing partners while also managing a substantial amount of work.

  • Recognize short and long term business issues
  • Manage project status and project pre-turn ins with an eye for upcoming workloads and overall corporate initiative involvement
  • Set expectations – be clear about time, budget implications at the beginning of a project
  • Seek results from your clients to share with the team
  • Regularly seek Client feedback on personal contributions and team performance

    Strategic Thinking: Develop clear and insightful creative strategies.

  • Actively contribute to the establishment of insightful strategies for your Mktg. Partners business
  • Draw on the expertise of team members from all depts. to deliver smart creative work in a consistent manner
  • Apply knowledge of the business to problem solving and creation of new ideas
  • Develop clear well thought strategies working on continuous improvement through Strategy discussion meetings and workshops
  • Work with Client to define success for projects
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the code and support it’s use whenever appropriate

    Leadership: Oversee day-to-day management of your business/ anticipate problems and issues.

  • Assume complete ownership of your given responsibilities. Bring questions up to managers when needed
  • Guide meetings – keep people on track and make sure that you accomplish what needs to be done
  • Be clear and follow up on decisions that have been made – make sure everyone is on the same page


  • Generate productive ideas and solutions to problems/Add value to your team’s efforts
  • Anticipate, understand and fulfill informational needs of your creative teams and partners across all depts.
  • Use the strategy and a strong understanding of your Mktg. partner to evaluate creative ideas objectively/Give a well articulated perspective on the creative
  • Present strategy in ICR and help evaluate creative based on that strategy

    Salesmanship: Cultivate a trustworthy relationship with your Mktg. Partners and Agency team
    members to pre-sell the work.

  • Actively listen and respond to others
  • Interpret Mktg. Partner needs and concerns accurately while supporting the Agency’s work
  • Know when to compromise
  • Present strategy in CR meetings and help sell concepts based on that strategy

    Teamwork: Play the role of team captain for all day to day activity/motivate your team

  • Recognize and respect differing opinions, contribute your perspective but don’t dominate
  • Keep your supervisor adequately informed of forward progress and obstacles to be addressed
  • Show your appreciation for individual and team accomplishments
  • Exhibit a positive, can-do attitude
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