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508 Web Accessibility Specialist

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508 Web Accessibility Specialist

The ideal candidate must have the following:
• Must REALLY know 508
• Strong understanding of Accessibility
• Can do hands-on testing of weekly sprints
• Needs to be fast & effective
• Must be comfortable being a tester
• Have quality assurance piece
• Ability to review mockups/wireframes from Lisa's team
• Need to understand both technical and creative aspect/work style

• WAVE (Accessibility Toolbar for Firefox)
• WAT (Accessibility Toolbar for IE)
• Color Contrast Analyzer
• Enterprise level experience/tools
• AccVerify
• Deque Systems Worldspace
• Assitive Technology Tools such as JAWS Screenreader(Freedom Software) and NVDA Screenreader (for Windows)

Duties include:

- Conduct design reviews of wireframes, mockups, and/or prototypes to identify potential accessibility barriers and violations

- Plan and perform web accessibility testing including: semi-automated scans, manual reviews, keyboard only, color sampling, and JAWS screen reader testing

- Write detailed findings documenting identified issues and recommending potential solutions for remediating accessibility violations

- Review and revise Section 508 Product Assessments (aka VPATs, PATs, GPATs)

In addition, the team is responsible for creating and delivering training to internal project team members and external partners regarding Section 508 design and development best practices.

Qualified candidates must:

- Be responsible for performing web accessibility testing including: semi-automated scans, manual reviews, keyboard only, color sampling, and screen reader testing using a combination of common web accessibility testing tools such as WAVE, Web Accessibility Toolbar, Colour Contrast Analyser, and JAWS screen reader, respectively.

- Be capable of working productively in short testing sprints that typically only last 5 business days from start to finish. There is rarely any slow or "downtime" as we repeat this process weekly, 52 weeks/year to support the dynamic needs of more than 15 project teams across the CMS account.

- Have excellent written communication skills to clearly document issues and recommended actions for all identified accessibility violations using standard testing artifacts.

- Have effective oral communication skills to conduct meetings and explain accessibility issues to CGI members and clients in remote locations over web and voice conference calls.

- Demonstrate advanced knowledge of Section 508, working knowledge of WCAG 2.0, and a pulse on accessibility-related user interface (UI) best practices for web sites, web applications, and electronic documents (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in order to both accurately identify accessibility issues in developed products as well as proactively perform visual accessibility design reviews of wireframes and/or mockups to identify potential accessibility barriers and violations.

- Have the curiosity, drive, and creative problem solving skills to assist in the research and development of new design patterns and Section 508 testing checkpoints/processes as needed to address emerging technologies and innovative project solutions (Section 508 Refresh, ARIA, HTML 5, etc.)Experience/Education Requirements:

- A passion for making the web more accessible and usable for everyone

- 2+ years hands-on experience using web accessibility testing tools and Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader to evaluate web sites/web applications for conformance to the Section 508 standards

- Experience working effectively with several clients or project teams simultaneously in a fast-paced, agile delivery environment

- Experience testing electronic documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for Section 508 compliance is considered a plus.

- Experience in web standards UI development and accessible cross-browser/cross-platform web development using HTML/XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting (JavaScript) is considered a plus

- Human Factors International (HFI) Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) certification is considered a plus

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