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JD / English

1. Position: Senior Designer / Marketing Brand Design 

2.Job description 
- The nature of the work is focused on Environmental Design,
Communications (2D + 3D) or Digital Communications.
- Designs all aspects of above. Support company marketing strategy from a Design, Brand Management stand point.
- Support Global Brand Design and Category adaptation and localization. Elevate local story connection, design and creative creation and excellence.

- Recognized as a Design Expert within the company.
- Anticipates internal and or external business challenges and/or regulatory
issues; recommends process, product or service improvements
- Solves unique and complex problems that have a broad impact on the
- Contributes to the development of executions
- Work as a one of project team member to achieve milestones and objectives

■Business expertise
- Anticipates internal/external business issues; recommends product, process or service improvements.
- Has developed depth and/or breadth of expertise in own discipline and broad knowledge of other disciplines within the function. Retail, 2D + 3D, Communications, Environment Design, Digital.
- Has a good vision and understanding of the brand and Japan consumers.
- Able to find the nuance within the local market and ability to elevate the local Communication and creative within the bigger global brand persona and market and Marketing concept.

■Delivering solutions
- Solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business
- Develops innovative services, processes or products that address current
and future customer problems or needs

- Presents complex ideas, anticipates potential objections and persuades others to adopt a different point of view

■Resource management
- Work as a one of project team member to drive projects or programs with significant risk and complexity to achieve milestones, objectives, develops the strategy for project execution.
- Manages budgets for projects.

■Role in Brand Promotion/Promotion
- Performs work in support of brand plans; integrates company mission into projects
- Responsible for actions and managing risks that have shared or moderate impact on own business and limited short-term impact on company assets.

- A high personal standard and the ability to direct and elevate all aspect of the brand from a Design stand point.
- A team player and the ability to work cross functionally.
- Execute departmental plans, including business, production and/or organizational priorities.
- Design and problem solving driven, can manage resources to ensure financial and operational objectives are met.
- A Good Communicator both globally and locally
-Have the ability to work proactively

■Minimum Requirements
- Typically requires a Bachelors Degree and minimum of 5 years directly relevant work experience.
- One of the following alternatives may be accepted: PhD or Law + 2 yrs; Masters + 3 yrs; Associates degree + 7 yrs;

3. term of contract:one year contract
4. Salary  

Commuting allowance

6.Working hours  
7.5hours / flextime (core time 11:00-15:00)

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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