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23513 - Manager/Specialist, Manager.Content Strategy

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Main duties and responsibilities: 

Doing web design for a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment (this is the client). This project is to develop a new site to support a new company that is a merge of 3 existing brands. Need to ensure the foundation is set for both the initial release and subsequent releases. 

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
Define Phase:

  • Responsible for Content Planning workshop (to obtain inputs to taxonomy, content types, site map, KKE criteria, Release 1 content) 
  • Responsible for Current state audit (detailed audit of content types to expand on the high-level audit work completed during the discovery phase) 
  • Responsible for definition of the Content Model – content type definitions 
  • Responsible for Taxonomy – initial taxonomy structure (categories/subcategories with focus on Rel 1) identifying values as available, 
  • Create a metadata and tagging strategy 
  • Coordinate inventory (preferably generated by IT from existing web server, otherwise crawled using screaming frog), defining KKE criteria and KKE templates for the client to complete, 
  • Define high-level content migration plan (not the migration matrix) in collaboration with tech 
  • Support and collaborate with an additional content strategist (the responsibilities above will be divided between 2 content strategists) 

Design Phase: 

  • Collaborate with UX team to contribute to site map
  • Responsible for the definition of the Content Model – module library (define content annotations for each of the designed components) 
  • Execute Taxonomy (final structure, values, updates to Metadata and Tagging Strategy) 
  • Define Content Governance Plan and workflows in coordination with larger Digital Governance track ​


  • 5+ years experience with large website design
  • Adobe AEM experience 
  • Must be willing to travel 25% of the time

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