Turning Around an At-Risk Project

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This client was tasked with building out a UX team to support a large client engagement in Seattle. This was a project that had involved multiple client engagements and multiple teams. Each team experienced significant morale issues and productivity churn due to the nature of flying in talent on a weekly basis. As the client was setting out to build a local presence, it became clear that local resources would be key to engagement success.

The client’s immediate goal was to build a UX team comprised of local talent to reduce the cost of flying in and housing resources during the week. The next goal was to quickly scale company brand recognition, protecting the client’s image in the Seattle market while identifying and hiring local UX talent to keep their client’s project moving forward.


Aquent worked closely with both the client team and Aquent offices in Seattle to address the immediate need of filling the eight UX positions. Since we already understood the profile of the UI candidate our client was working with, we were able to hit the ground running. By partnering with the local Aquent office, we were able to scale up a team of five resources within weeks. Aquent worked closely with the client team to create an efficient process for submitting and onboarding candidates. Having a streamlined process in place would help reduce losing candidates to competitive offers.


We have been able to consistently identify the profile and demands of the client and successfully place talent that brings value to the team. Aquent has built a UX team for this client consisting of five interaction designers and two visual designers, and we have been asked to provide an additional five resources.

By implementing a process for submitting and onboarding candidates, we were able to obtain highly sought-after resources and received insight from project shifts that were pertinent to our sourcing efforts and talent retention. Involving our client in UX careers panel discussions builds brand awareness for our client in the local UX community.

Our client continues to engage us for additional and ongoing staffing needs, as well as thought leadership initiatives in the community. Aquent talent has been instrumental in turning an at-risk, marginally profitable project that was costing thousands weekly on airfare and hotels into one that will be able to scale and grow by leveraging local talent and cutting travel costs.

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