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A large aerospace company was experiencing several challenges, including high departmental overhead costs, a maturing workforce, lack of current technology resources, and little or no expertise in some specialized areas. Even more problematic was inconsistency with their brand.

Making matters worse, their business partners were utilizing outside agencies rather than the in-house creative services team because of high costs. This caused department revenue declines for three years.

As a result, the Creative Services department had to reduce their overhead so they could reduce costs to business partners. To accomplish this, they had to look at an employee/staffing business model. Concurrently, their Creative Services department was transitioning to an in-house agency model. This in itself created challenges. Many of the employees were not open, or qualified, to support the change. The director wanted new ideas, more energy, and skills not available within their current workforce.

Creative Services was looking for a solution that could provide hybrid services — for staffing and managed projects. This agency needed to be cost-competitive and provide skilled and diverse talent, while also being trusted and strategic brand ambassadors. A qualified talent pool needed to be built to support the following disciplines: brand, graphics, exhibits, web, writing & editing, video, photography, and multimedia.


Aquent built a service team for the client and provided talent with agency experience that could manage both internal projects and overall account relationships. Aquent worked closely with the client to determine their needs and to develop process, procedures, and quality standards. As part of the initiative to transition Creative Services into an in-house agency model, Aquent provided specialized talent in an operations lead role to implement changes to the creative delivery workflow process. Partnering with first-level managers to identify and implement high-impact workflow changes, this talent drove change by educating and coaching the team on agency workflow process and providing a road map for recommendations and improvements.


The Aquent team achieved a height of 40 contract talent and helped drive year-on-year revenue growth of 159% for the Creative Services department. In addition, Aquent talent have been involved in a number of impactful projects and initiatives:

  • An Aquent Web developer served a critical role in building responsive web design templates for mobile devices.
  • An Aquent copywriter created key messages, taglines, and copy for an enterprise-wide safety campaign. The concepts and copy he created helped drive the direction of this campaign and have been referenced as a benchmark for other campaigns.
  • An Aquent writer partnered with one of the client’s creative directors to create a “design thinking” program, providing a method of problem-solving that emphasizes observation, empathy, brainstorming, intuitive insights, and rapid prototyping.
  • Several Aquent designers were selected to be Brand Ambassadors in the organization.

We continue to hear positive feedback on how Aquent talent impact the organization. As one of the client’s creative directors noted, “We rely on Aquent talent as much as on our own people. We’ve been able to mix our people and their historical knowledge with Aquent people who bring fresh perspectives. That fusion brings magic."

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