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The Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Creative Services team for the Enterprise Services business unit was looking to ensure brand compliance of new documents and materials produced, yet many managers “went rogue” and created their own materials. It was tough to get materials produced on time and to manage associated costs. This also made it difficult for the Global Brand team to ensure materials were in line with a new brand identity following HP’s split into two companies in November 2015.


HPE asked Aquent to help staff their Creative Services team with skilled professionals who could meet the demanding schedule needed to support myriad internal teams. This would encourage managers to come to Creative Services for their marketing needs instead of working with outside agencies. HPE and Aquent worked closely together on the endeavor. The HPE team developed the program and the processes, while Aquent provided the staff and the expertise to get the program off the ground.

Aquent recruited writers, designers, editors, PowerPoint specialists, proofreaders, and production specialists who were accustomed to working in high-volume, fast turnaround environments, and swiftly got them immersed in learning the new HPE brand guidelines. The expanded Creative Services team got to work quickly, creating a wide range of branded materials. They soon gained a reputation for quality, diligence, and fast turnaround.

Today, the Creative Services team is sought after by company managers and executives looking for everything from presentation materials to illustrations and photography.

“We’ve been so happy with the talent Aquent sends us,” said Diana Sinea, manager of the Creative Services team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “They know what kind of personalities will mesh well with our group, and helped us build a phenomenal team. And they crank out collateral like crazy! They really know our brand, and know how to get things through production, so they’ve made it a whole lot easier for managers to get what they need. We’re very fortunate. A lot of companies don’t have those capabilities in-house.”

As the company’s needs change, Creative Services is able to adapt its staff accordingly. The team was recently put to the test when HP split into two companies (HP, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and needed to adapt its marketing materials in a hurry. “Our Creative Services team completed 2,600 projects last year alone,” raved Sinea. “That’s an unbelievable amount to produce, especially since everyone was learning as our new brand guidelines were evolving. They had to be resilient and quickly learn what changes were needed. Our team has earned a great deal of credibility and trust because of this work.”


“We’d be lost without our Aquent team members,” Sinea said. “They put their heads down and really got into the new brand. They’re very focused and take their work seriously. They’ve done a great deal to establish our department with our leadership team and our Global Brand team, who now come to us for our opinions when brand issues arise.”

The Creative Services model also has financial advantages for the organization. “Aquent has helped save us a significant amount of money,” Sinea explained. “Their talent’s skill sets and knowledge are unbeatable, and now instead of going to outside agencies, our managers have an internal team they rely on. Creative Services also cut the turnaround time for many projects down from two or three weeks to three days.”

“We have a great working relationship with Aquent, at the talent level and the management level,” explained Sinea. “They help us to balance our resources to the needs of each project. They don’t just put someone in a seat and bill us for the hours. They make sure jobs are going to the right people so we stay within budget.”

HPE is pleased to have such a dedicated team that’s ready to adapt to the latest changes in the organization. “They’re not afraid of a rebrand. In fact, a number of us on the joint Aquent and HPE team have been through several rebrands together,” Sinea said. “They’re always up for a challenge! The work they produce and the respect they’ve achieved with our internal clients is astonishing.”

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