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A popular electronics brand had built their Brand Marketing and Partner Communications teams with a core group of permanent staff, while relying heavily on creative agencies, production houses, and freelancers. At the same time, their parent company had rigorous MSP protocols, pricing, and compliance reporting standards they were struggling to meet. When the two companies invited several firms to present disruptive solutions based on the needs of both organizations, Aquent was selected because we were able to present a custom-designed total talent solution that would lift the brand’s luxury status.


Aquent built a custom VOP (vendor on premise) talent solution within the MSP framework. We partnered with the leaders within both companies to effectively tier work, align resources, create strategies, and augment staff and managed service areas to bring the electronics brand into compliance with the parent company’s compliance protocols, while saving money and improving the quality of work being produced by in-house creative teams.

We built embedded teams for specific functions that were previously outsourced to creative agencies, which brought institutional memory, brand compliance, cost compliance, and scalability in house, freeing up external agencies to focus on more strategic elements. Additionally, Aquent built a flex talent pool of production, content, video, and design talent to meet “on demand” needs for projects with high priority and low forecasting.


During the first full quarter of the program, Aquent successfully re-tiered work and built a team of 30 core talent that delivered on the traditionally outsourced tactical elements, including design, content, motion graphics, and art direction. We also built a bench of 16 talent for their almost-daily scalability needs, allowing them to effectively meet deadlines and stay under budget. As a result of the program, we were able to deliver significant cost savings in external agency spend, while building a fully compliant, brand-focused team.

Because of our shared success with the first program, we worked with the electronics brand to add service level extensions to capture highly confidential “black box” operations. And, by expanding into new areas of the company including digital marketing, Aquent was able to more than double the amount saved in 2017, and the client continues to enjoy an increasingly powerful team of core internal staff, core managed service staff, and a deep bench of flex staff that drives exceptional creative execution.

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