Building a High-profile Digital Design Team

Aquent Aquent


One of the world’s largest online retailers reached out to Aquent to help them recruit design and digital talent with the skills and passion to fit well in their team. This fast-paced group operates like a creative agency and has exacting standards for its new hires.

The company wasn’t just looking for people with exemplary resumes. Cultural fit is extremely important to them, and they often bring in talent on a contract-to-permanent basis so they can see how well they fit in the organization before making a full-time offer. As a pioneer in ecommerce, the company values leadership and seeks talent who’re afraid to bringing forth new ideas. No matter if they’re writing code or managing a creative team, employees and contractors there are expected to be passionate contributors to the business.

It’s a unique corporate culture. The company prides itself on having a tough-driving atmosphere. It’s an environment of like-minded people who, by nature, are competitive and always looking to elevate their own performance. With the company’s rapid pace, they don’t have time to sift through piles of resumes to find the right match. However, it was taking their internal recruiters months to fill design and development roles.


For Aquent, this was about more than filling roles. Our goal was to become well versed in the client’s needs and culture and build a long-term relationship. This began with meeting with the hiring manager to discuss their department’s goals, uncover critical requirements, and review sample portfolios together to get to the essence of their needs.

With these insights, Aquent was able to bring in contract-to-hire staff who met the company’s rigorous hiring standards. This includes UX designers, graphic designers, motion graphics designers, and copywriters who are entrusted with designing and marketing high-profile consumer electronic devices.

Since that time, we’ve built a team that’s dedicated exclusively to supporting the creative, digital, and marketing staffing needs of this one client. The team includes a talent agent who comes from a creative agency background and is accustomed to listening to the client’s needs with a critical ear — and delivering results with exceptional speed. She’s tapped into the creative talent in the city, and has a record of recruiting exceptional candidates for tough-to-fill positions. The client loves that she can match them with in-demand talent in days, sometimes in less than 24 hours. One hiring manager reported that “your speed and candidate selection was leagues beyond what other agencies sent over.”

Most recently, Aquent placed a video producer who took the initiative to resolve a major bottleneck, cutting weeks off the project timeline. “I wanted someone who’s one step ahead of me,” the hiring manager said. “You found just the right person. He jumped in and took initiative. Because he’s fearless and his experience in the industry is so deep, he saved us a ton of time and money.”


The client has been thrilled with the talent Aquent has provided, and has hired many as full-time employees. One hiring manager told us he was "inspired by the people you helped us bring in. Everyone is at the top of their game.” Another recently raved about a new hire, reporting, “I couldn’t have thought of someone who’s a better cultural fit!”

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